doTERRA Past Tense Essential Oil Blend

doTERRA Past Tense Essential Oil Tension Blend 10 ml


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 PastTense Essential Oil Uses

 doTERRA Past Tense Essential Oil Blend – dōTERRA proprietary blend for tension and the discomforts associated with headaches, provides calming comfort with the strength of CPTG® essential oils of wintergreen, lavender, peppermint, frankincense, cilantro, marjoram, roman chamomile, basil, and rosemary. Packaged for convenient application in a roll-on bottle. For aromatic and topical use.


Simply roll on the spot of pain.
Provides a cooling sensation and relaxes the pain away.

Note:  This is a very strong blend – use a little and wait 5 minutes before applying more.

For more detailed information about doTERRA Past tense, click here.

Past Tense tension blend essential oil uses

Past Tense tension blend essential oil uses

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Have you been waiting to join doTERRA at wholesale cost? Here is your opportunity! If you sign up for doTERRA before July 15th with a 200 PV + order, you receive a FREE Sunsational Flavors kit containing Spearmint, Cumin, Tangerine and Dill - and $50 in free essential oils from me. These are special essential oils you can use for cooking that you can't purchase individually.

53 reviews for doTERRA Past Tense Essential Oil Tension Blend 10 ml

  1. :

    Would love to try this!

  2. :

    Would love to try this blend!

  3. :

    Great giveaway! I love essential oils so much.

  4. :

    I would love to try this for headaches!

  5. :

    I miss three to four days of work a month due to my chronic migraine. I’ve tried every over the counter med but get rebound headaches. How can I get a sample of this oil? I am so disabled due to the pain. I cannot make plans to do anything because I may be sick with a migraine. Can you help?

    • :

      I don’t do samples anymore but I do have a good price compared to others to go ahead and give it a try, then if you like it you can sign up and get it for a better price. I think it’s definitely worth a try. Do you know what triggers the migraines? My husband found out that it was certain foods so you may want to start keeping a food/health diary and see if you notice patterns.

    • :

      I have suffered from migraines since I was 6, I use past tense oil and deep blue on my worst headache and it’s gone within the hour 😉 if it lingers I reapply and take an excederin. That always helps too. You should definetly try this oil. I have purchased this blend not only for myself, but friends and family that suffer from tension and migraine headaches as well. Good luck.

  6. :

    This stuff works. I ordered it for my daughter who has migraines.

  7. :

    I’m a migraine suffer . Taking up to 6-12 Motrin 400mg per day. Waking in the middle of the night taking Motrin ! Scans and test , nothing found . Think I need to try this product .

    • :

      You definitely should! It has worked for my husband every time and all his sisters that have tried it too so it’s definitely worth a try!

  8. :

    Why do you keep extending the giveaway end date?

    • :

      I haven’t extended it but I do keep choosing giveaways winners and starting new giveaways so that may be the confusion.

  9. :

    I get headaches especially when trying to cut caffeine! I really wish I could afford to buy every oil doTERRA makes!!

    • :

      You and me both. Also wish they didn’t cost as much – but at least they work after spending all that money.

  10. :

    Would love to try for headaches!

  11. :

    I have never used DoTerra oils, except for LAST NIGHT when my husband had a tension headache all day and has been suffering from sinus pressure headaches all week. I finally pulled out “Breathe”. I know nothing about it, other than someone once said I could use it, and told my hubby we were giving it a shot.

    anyway, I rubbed it around the back of his neck and gave him a back shoulder rub for about ten minutes. within thirty minutes his HA was gone. There may have been many factors, but it got me polling people about DoTerra. People suggested this very oil that you are giving away. We would love to try it since we know headaches will happen again!

  12. :

    I get migraines and am anxious to see if this works. Will definitely be in my next Essential Oils order!

  13. :

    Anxious to see if Past Tense can work on my most severe headaches.

  14. :

    My sister and best friend have both told me about the Past Tense. I suffer from horrible migraines and I’m gonna give this a try!

  15. :

    I get headaches quite often and would love to try this sometime.

  16. :

    Instantly gets rid of my tension headaches

  17. :

    My neck gets stiff and sometimes causes headaches – this would be good to try.

  18. :

    […] moving across his eyes and that always means a migraine is imminent.  This time, he rolled on some Past Tense on the back of his neck and on his temples and he could literally see the bright light move away […]

  19. :

    I would use it for my migraines. A friend let me borrow some once and I LOVED it.

  20. :

    I am always looking for natural remedies and as I get older I find myself and my family suffering from more afflictions – and we don’t want to turn our medicine cabinets into – well – medicine cabinets!

    do TERRA makes many products of interest to me – but probably first and foremost at this time would be getting rid of the headaches I’ve been experiencing for several years now (possibly a lingering “effect” of cancer surgery, radiation and chemo??? – But at least I’m here to complain about it!)

    Anyway – I believe I have tried everything from physical therapy to aromatherapy – and something just has to work for me! Thanks!

    • :

      Past Tense gets rid of headaches! I can’t believe it but its true! Just rub on where ever it hurts on your face and head and back of neck. Also breathe it in deeply and I can feel it reaching into the farthest parts of my brain that hurts and it really helps stop the headache if I get Pasttense on it fast enough. OTherwise, it works well along with an Excedrin! Its really great stuff!!! I’ve gone through a few bottles already and am buying more!!

  21. :

    I would use it to help alleviate my fibromyalgia pain

  22. :

    I would use it for stress release (shoulder pain) and muscle pain from gardening. Thanks!

  23. :

    Neat product. Will rub it on my temples once a month .. 😉

  24. :

    I would use it for headaches

  25. :

    I would use it for headaches. I get them almost every day, but only take over the counter medication when it’s absolutley necessary. It would be nice to have something natural that I could use daily without worry.

  26. :

    I would use this for my headaches and neck pain.

  27. :

    I would use it for headaches and knee joint pain.

  28. :

    I would use it for my headaches

  29. :

    I would use it for back pain!

  30. :

    my migraines and headaches! thanks

  31. :

    I get migraines that come on from a whiplash injury to my neck.

  32. :

    I would use it to help with my Headaches, and before Bed.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  33. :

    i would use for my shoulder pain.

  34. :

    Oh and my muscles too, I am a gardener… it hurts… and the joints too…

  35. :

    My head. :p Sinuses and migraines cause me a lot of head pain…

  36. :

    love essential oils

  37. :

    I keep headackes all the time so using the oils for that I hope would help me

  38. :

    i would use the past tense to keep myself centered & calm in my day to day life as a momma & homemaker/homesteader! maybe i can use it to massage my husband as well- he’s not a big ‘alternative therapy’ type guy but i know it would be extremely beneficial for him as well! :) thank you so much for the giveaway!

  39. :

    I get lots of headaches so I would definitely like to try Past Tense.

  40. :

    My daughter suffers from headaches continuously, would see if this helps her.

  41. :

    i’d use it for tension headaches!

  42. :

    I suffer terribly with migranes so I would love to try this product

  43. :

    I would use it for headaches.

  44. :

    I love Pastense!!

  45. :

    I just found out about DoTerra and I love it!! Thanks for your site! Tons great ideas!

  46. :

    I would use it for severe headaches.

  47. :

    Past Tense sounds amazing! I love Frankincense but need it mixed with something else or it makes me sick. I would love to win this and try it out <3

  48. :

    I love Past Tense for migraines and tight neck muscles.

  49. :

    I wonder if this would also work for fibromyalgia pain since it says it works for muscle and joint pain?

  50. :

    want to try pasttense blend for migraines

  51. :

    I would love to try serenity

  52. :

    i get really bad headaches some times ….. i may have to try some of this and see how it works

  53. :

    I have been really interested in using essential oils for my family.

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