doTERRA TerraShield Essential Oil Repellent Blend 15 ml


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TerraShield is dōTERRA’s all-natural, super-concentrated insect repellent formulated with a proprietary blend of 15 CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils that have been scientifically shown to repel insects more effectively than other synthetic insect repellents. Just a small amount of super-concentrated TerraShield will provide powerful coverage and will last up to 6 hours per application. TerraShield smells great and can be used safely by everyone in the family without worry.

Common Uses: Bug Repellant and Antiseptic

Get some ideas about how to use it in this doTERRA blog article.

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TerraShield Essential Oil UsesTerraShield Essential Oil Uses

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Have you been waiting to join doTERRA at wholesale cost? Here is your opportunity! If you enroll in before May 31st with a 100 PV + order, you receive 50 product credits FREE from doTERRA and $50 in free essential oils from me.

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39 reviews for doTERRA TerraShield Essential Oil Repellent Blend 15 ml

  1. :

    Just made some all-natural bug spray for our household. 30 drops of TerraShield and the rest water in a small squirt bottle. Usually mosquitoes are attracted to me CONSTANTLY but with this stuff, not a single bite!! We also spray it on our dogs to help keep away bugs from them, too.

    • :

      Such a great idea! I was just in Yellowstone and got eaten alive because my TerraShield was in the hotel room. I was just saying that we should put some in a spray bottle because once I did put it on, they didn’t bite me where I put it – but I got a bunch of bites on my head. Darn mosquitoes!

  2. :

    Oooh, my poor little kiddoes’ legs and arms need this! The bugs around our yard and creek are awful this year.

  3. :

    I would use it for my daily walk on the nature path up the road.

  4. :

    I would use it anytime I am outside

  5. :

    We have 14 grandchildren, all of whom, as you can imagine, always outside. I would love to try this on them to eliminate some of the common bites they get.

  6. :

    We have crazy bugs in Florida!

  7. :

    I would use it when I camp

  8. :

    I would use it when we go camping!

  9. :

    i would use it when i was out in the gardens :)

  10. :

    I can’t work in my garden with out getting eaten alive by mosquitoes so I am all for trying out a natural solution.

  11. :

    since i am a diabetic and i think this woudl be great for when i travel

  12. :

    as a mosquito repellant!

  13. :

    i would use for mosquitoes while out in the yard

  14. :

    I would use on my boys for camping!!

  15. :

    Have yet to try this but heard its good for bug spray!!

  16. :

    I am extremely allergic to many bugs’ venom, so I spend the summer covered in red blotches. I think this would help me a lot.

  17. :

    to avoid bugbites when hiking

  18. :

    My girls get mean looking mosquito bites every summer. I would use this to protect my family.

  19. :

    When I’m at the beach or on the grass. Thanks for a chance to win this awesome giveaway!

  20. :

    I would use it to shield against mosquitos!

  21. :

    I would use it when I am outside with the ducks!

  22. :

    I would use Terrashield to help protect myself and my family against the horrible Mosquitos and ticks this year!,

  23. :

    I never new you could do so much with Garbanzo beans. I have had them in soup but never in the delicious looking dishes like you have on your blog. I might get a receipt or two from you you makes them look so appealing

  24. :

    I have not yet tried doTerra oils yet but am interest in the ones for aging and wrinkles in your face

  25. :

    I am the one who always gets bit by mosquitoes in the summer so I would use this to repel them!

  26. :

    i’ll use it when I take walks at night.

  27. :

    I would use Terra Shield when I am in the yard gardening or mowing the lawn.

  28. :

    I would use it as a mosquito repellant when we travel to Africa!

  29. :

    I’d use it for when we go to parks. I don’t want mosquitoes eating up me or my family!

  30. :

    Just like most places in the states, we have a lot of biting insects. Need all the help we can get and I would rather try to do it more naturally.

  31. :

    Wow, the more I read the more impressed I am with DoTerra, I would want this one for the mosquitos here in Oklahoma which are horrible in the summer time, them and the ticks.. DoTerra Terrs Shield Essential Oil Repellent Blend would get a workout her in OK

  32. :

    I’ll use it when I go hiking.
    Thanks for the contest.

  33. :

    for my son! the bugs down by the creek are crazy!

  34. :

    I’m moving to a house by a river and swampy area in a month or so and we’re very tasty people! I’ve never seen a mosquito head for someone like the head for us. and Black flies! I’m allergic to the bites and they think I’m just wonderful!

  35. :

    i would use terrashield for my son, my husband & myself this spring & summer! we’ll be gardening a bunch :) thanks so much!

  36. :

    This would be great for camping this summer.

  37. :

    We’d use it when we’re outside here in Florida! We get lots of yucky bugs


  38. :

    I would try them on flies ticks and Mosquitos.

  39. :


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