Where to Buy doTERRA Essential Oils Wholesale and Why We Love doTERRA!

Why we love doTERRA Essential Oils

Are you tired of your on-going health issues?

Are you tired of getting sick all the time and spending tons of time, money and effort just to to able to function?

We were!

Before we found doTERRA Essential Oils we felt like we were just putting band-aids on all our health issues and not really getting down to the real cause of our health issues.  (You can read more about our story here.)

We knew we needed to boost our immune systems but we didn’t know how.  After much trial and error we figured out how to effectively boost our immune systems so our bodies can heal themselves.

Isn’t it interesting that if you look at the word heal-th differently, maybe we would think of healing more instead of just popping a pill to numb the pain?

Be Empowered

Take charge of your health and feel empowered to help your body heal itself.

Why sign up for doTERRA?

  • Boost your immune system and battle chronic inflammation
  • To take charge of your health
  • Give you body what it wants to help heal itself
  • Feel good about what you are putting in your body
  • Save money on reduced doctor visits
  • To have another option of something powerful to try to help health issues
  • 25% discount off retail prices
  • No obligation to either buy or sell
  • doTERRA will send you an introductory packet -includes an introductory DVD, Product Guide, Essential Oil Usage Chart & more
  • Promotions – For example, every 3 or 4 months there is a promotion where for every 200PV (usually $200) order that you place, you will receive a free a free oil or oils.  Previous free oils are – Deep Blue 10ml Roll On with a Deep Blue Rub; Frankincense; In Tune and Past Tense; and Deep Blue 5ml with a Deep Blue rub.
  • Optional monthly auto-ship with great rewards (LRP)
  • Optional ability to sign others under you and have residual income
  • Incentives from me – join with me and you can take advantage of all the incentives listed below.

Read more about doTERRA

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My Current, Ongoing Incentives to Join doTERRA

Sign up as a new member of doTERRA with a $100 minimum volume/PV (based on the wholesale cost) first order and we will:

  • Send you $50 in free doTERRA product of your choice. After signing up, please contact us with what oil and/or oils you would like
  • Send you “Dr. Me“, which is a wonderful book with details on which oils are good for common health problems
  • $100 in free oils and the Modern Essentials book if you maintain 100PV LRP (Loyalty Rewards Program) for 3 months
  • $50 in free oils for every person you sign up with a 100PV order
  • I add at least one person to your team for every person you sign up
  • All the above incentives to everyone on your team

To join doTERRA and buy doTERRA essential oils at the wholesale cost, please click the link below then follow the instructions on this page that lists all the steps.

Yes, I want to sign up NOW »

Free Essential Oilsclick here for $50 in Free Oils + More »

Not quite ready to join doTERRA but still interested? If you would like more information about doTERRA essential oils, please either view our doTERRA Essential Oil Uses board on Pinterest, join our Essential Ōil Uses facebook group or join our doTERRA Information Mailing List -



  1. Amie says

    Eeep! Just got my family physican kit in. So excited!!! Am loving that I finally signed up and am so glad I signed up under you, I have found some really great resources on your page.

  2. Joyce says

    Hi, I just did the sign up process and placed the order as well, but I haven’t revieved any details about my application. May I know what is going on?

    • says

      I don’t see anything on my end either so I would either call doTERRA customer service at 800-411-8151 on Monday morning or just try again. I don’t know of anyone else having problems . . .

  3. Katherine Dunn says

    Hi! I am very interested in joining your team. Can you send me more info? Also, what are the specials for July?


  4. Kelly says

    I use and also sell doTERRA. We have seen wonderful results with the lemon in our water and lavender for sleeping. We are also taking the vitamins (my children also) and have more energy. I’m hoping to do the detox soon, but am getting those items slowly. Glad to know they have helped you! :)

  5. Amie says

    So excited, finally took the plunge and become a wellness advocate under you. Have tried a few essential oils and am in love with how they work. My husband is now a believer. So excited to get my kit and learn more.

  6. Andrea says

    Hi! I’m loving your incentives and I definitely want to get the FamPhys Kit!! I was wondering if there was a way I could just get the oils instead of the book to cut shipping costs. I’m in Northern California, and working on a bit of a budget, so joining your team seemed like the best thing to do :) I was wondering what you would recommend for children’s psoriasis/eczema and for chronic nerve pain (that’s not already in the kit and fits in the $50 limit)? Thanks so much! Hope to hear back from you soon :)

  7. joy says

    Hi I am convinced that Doterra essential oils would be very beneficial to my family’s health, so I’ve decided to go ahead and signup. My question to you is would your personal introductory offers apply to someone who lives overseas?

    • says

      Defnitely. The only thing is, depending where you are at if the shipping in insanely high sometimes I’ll just send PayPal so you can buy the oils yourself or just not send the Dr. Me book if you would rather have the oils. We would love to have you join though!

  8. Victoria Tulipani says

    I LOVE doTERRA!! I have been using them for my seasonal allergies and it’s the only thing that has worked for me! The oils work better than a Benadryl without the yucky side effects.

  9. Cara Dube says

    I found this looking for Paleo recipes and therefore came across the giveaway. THrough this I found you are a Rep for oils. I know very little about oils and currently do have oils from a different company. It is so confusing as to what is best and hard to get a reasonable way to use the oils to the health benefits you seek specifically. (migraines due to lack of iron, Crohn’s disease; general allergy, etc). Do you have a suggestion on where to look for the best info yet in an affordable way?

  10. Michelle S. says

    Do you have a favorite diffuser that you use? I am looking into the Lotus diffuser, but wanted to get you input as to if you have a different favorite. Thanks for your time!

  11. Marilee says

    just wanted to say thanks for the introductory kit and the awesome infuser! having fun with my stuff. I have been researching Medieval Herbalism for some 20 years now and have made a lot of Medieval recipes but not so much with the essential oils as with the herbs themselves so I am enjoying playing with the oils.

  12. Tatiana says

    How do I join under you? Is your promotion still current ? What’s your advocate number? Thank you.

  13. Bonnie Parmenter says

    I am signed up to distribute but I mostly buy for myself and family and have a couple of people under me. Since I don’t have my web-site set up I always visit My healthy family. I like the site. It has good advice,recipes and information. I learned about Dottera oils in Nov. 2013. I have not been sick, one day, this year. I have not got my normal flue or allergies. Don’t hesitate to sign up if you are considering, even if it is just for yourself. I use the laundry soap, tooth past, the hair care products and the on Guard products and numerous oils and have purchased the vitamins for my grandkids and the vita packs for myself. I use numerous oil in my office and the on-guard hand soaps and cleaning products. It seems a little expensive but is not for what you actually get.

  14. Gail says

    I am getting really interested. Just looked at that scan thing..really neat. I have a friend that sells it too.

  15. Jennie Page says

    We started using doterra last summer. My daughter has add, and we use tune in (or whatever its called) and it works! So does on guard, digest zen, and the headache one. It occurs to me I should become a distributor, so if your incentives are still good, I plan on signing with you tomortow-may 5th. Let me know! :)

  16. patsy boddy says

    Hi, I am reluctant to use my SSN. What is SIN? Or is there something else I could do. Can I just order from you the things I would like to get cheaper? Thanks, Patsy

    • says

      The SSN is so you can’t sign up with more than one account and so if you sell it and make more than $600 in income in a year they can send you a 1099. If you call Customer Service, they may have an alternative that will work for you. I do know that if you sign up as Preferred Member you don’t have to provide your SSN so that could be an option. Preferred isn’t nearly as good though cause you only get 20% off retail instead of 25% off and you can’t put anyone under you and you have to call on the phone to change your LRP orders. But it’s a good option for some people. . . .

  17. Theresa says

    I love doTERRA essential oils! I use the DeepBlue for my back pain and Past Tense for migraines, and haven’t used my prescription meds. for migraines in months!

    • says

      Yes, there is a special through the end of March for a free 5ml bottle of Deep Blue and a free Deep Blue rub with every order that has 200 volume or higher. Plus, all my specials listed on this page are still available, including the $50 in free oils with a $100 first order.

  18. says

    I’m hoping very soon to be able to join doterra. With four kiddos and I myself living with fibromyalgia, I’m very intrigued by having a natural way to handle day to day issues.

  19. Morgan Jones says

    If I sign up by March 28 and buy $200 first order, will that include the Deep blue special for March?
    Do you add the $50 free products that I email to you to my first order, or is there a separate order with more shipping costs?

    • says

      Yes, if your first order is over 200 in volume (make sure to check the volume column cause it’s not always the same as the $ column), then it qualifies. The $50 in free products come from me, not doTERRA, and I ship those free of charge to you.

  20. Melissa says

    I see as of Feb all incinitives were still current, is this still curently being offered? If I sign up this month as IPC and do a order over the $100 also doing the LRP, Would this month be included in the 3 months to qualify for the free $100 in products? Do you recieve credit on LRP for the initial sign up order?

    • says

      Yes, the incentives are still current. Normally you start LRP the month after you sign up but I’m pretty sure you can start it this month. Either way, the 3 months will count. You can even wait a few months to decide if you want to do LRP for sure and as long as you do 3 months in a row, you’ll qualify for the $100 in products. You do not receive LRP credit for the initial sign up order.

  21. jessie thompson says

    Interested in signing up with you. Does the book and $50 in free oil apply if you sign up as a preferred member?

  22. Amy says

    So, if I sign up as an IPC under you, what do I need to do specifically to get my free book and free $50 in oils? Also, can I get the oils of my choice in the $50 deal, or is it just specific ones? Thanks!

  23. Dani Osenbaugh says

    Is all of this info still relevant?
    I’m seriously considering signing up. I’m very new to essential oils & it seems to be the best & most cost effective way to build up my supply & get my family going as well. Thank you!

  24. Suzanne says

    If you sign up as IPC and enroll with the Loyalty Rewards, I understand that the following month you can change it down to 1PV to still be enrolled and keep points & percentage. Are there anythings that are 1PV? Also do you get free shipping on the Loyalty Rewards? If not what is the shipping?

    • says

      You may want to double check with doTERRA Customer Service at but I thought you had to keep a 50PV order each month to not lose your points but you can contact doTERRA and have this waived somehow if you can’t do it on a certain month? – unless they’ve changed the rules. The lowest PV I know of is $9, I think, and that’s Wild Orange. You don’t get free shipping with LRP. The shipping ranges from $8-12 usually.

  25. doris brown says

    can you please tell me and send me info on how to decide how to take the oils and how often-whether to put on the foot -or hand or ear-like your chart-or whether to take internally under the tongue-in a capsule or to breathe it in thru the nose. Im confused as WHEN TO DO WHAT-WITH EACH DIFFERENT OIL? Really appreciate that info–I find charts on where to put on the feet and hands and earsBUT DONT KNOW WHICH WAY TO TAKE EACH OIL TO BE OF THE MOST BENEFIT-internal-under tongue-capsule-external -aroma-smell wise-and then how often–and how much –daily-and then do you STOP taking that oil AFTER CONDITION STOP-like me–with my bad knees-ONCE THEY HEAL-DO I STOP THE OIL(blue rub maybe and cypress?) or DO I HAVE TO CONTINUE OR THE BAD KNEES COME BACK? Thnks -appreciate the info–doris :)

  26. Ann says

    Can you please let me know how the free $50 in product works? Do I sign up, place my enrollment order – then after that is done is the $50 free like a “credit” towards my next order? Or is this $50 in free product done directly through you?

    • says

      When you sign up with doTERRA you get the 25% off. The $50 of free product is from me after you place your order through doTERRA. Just place your first order then email me with the details of what free product you want (don’t include the $50 of product with your doTERRA order). Also, there is a promotion through doTERRA directly right now that would be on top of my offer. If you sign up for LRP (their optional monthly recurring order program) and do it for Oct. and Nov. they will send you their Lifelong Vitality Pack, which are some awesome vitamins, fish oils, etc. that are awesome.

      • Ann says

        Awesome. One more question. If I sign up for the LRP, am I committing to anything beyond Oct & Nov for sales? Or can I just opt out of that starting in December? Thank you for the info. :) I have never used the oils before so I am interested in seeing if they really work well.

        • says

          You are not committing yourself. You can change the LRP order online yourself at any time and/or delete it. If you do delete it, you lose any points you’ve accumulated but that’s all.

  27. Tracie Walters says

    Just wondering if you have noticed that I have taken part in becoming an Independent consultant due to your website?

    • says

      Yes! i am excited to have you join our team. I will be sending you stuff soon but I would love to send you your $50 of free product. Will you please email me what you would like?

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