What is the Best doTERRA Oil Diffuser?

best-doterra-oil-diffuser-MNFThere are different diffusers and all work in basically the same way but which is the best? The best diffuser depends on your needs and which you like better. I have come up with some pros and cons of each to help you get a feel of what is more suitable to your needs. I don’t have any experience with other oil diffusers, like the ones on AromaTools.com but I have used the Lotus Diffuser as well as the Aroma Ace and Aroma Lite diffusers. Here are the pros and cons as I see them:

What is the Best doTERRA Oil Diffuser? - MyNaturalFamily.com #doterra #diffuserLotus Diffuser

The Lotus diffuser has an appeasing look with a soft light that works well as a nightlight for children. It also works as a little humidifier that diffuses a mixture of water and oils into the air. Though it is very quiet when running and the light is considered soothing for aromatherapy, when I tried to run it in my room at night, the light made it difficult to sleep. The Lotus Diffuser won’t stay on longer than an hour, which is nice for people that forget to turn off their appliances, but it will only last up to three hours, of use, without having to be refilled. You also have to clean it a lot or it gets water deposits. I had mine on my kitchen counter for a long time and it was easily knocked over so many times, I was just cleaning up messes and wasting oils. I had to keep the Lotus Diffuser clean or it wouldn’t work. Plus, having to constantly turn it back on and refill it drove me crazy. In addition if you decide to change oils there is no quick change, oils may be wasted and it is a hassle to change things out.

Aroma Ace Diffuser

To me, it is worth the little bit of extra money for the Aroma Ace Diffuser. The main drawback is that it’s pretty noisy, which can work as a soothing white noise. If it’s running in my kitchen in the day, I don’t even hear it but in my bedroom at night, it drives my husband crazy. I run one in my bedroom every night with Vetiver in it. It’s been in there for two months and it’s not even halfway gone. I run it on high the whole night. Vetiver is a really thick oil though, so that’s not normal. If you ran a regular oil on high all night, it would last about a week. So that’s expensive in my book.What is the Best doTERRA Oil Diffuser? - MyNaturalFamily.com #doterra #diffuser

The Aroma Ace Diffuser does allow control over the amount of oil diffused into the air as well as how long it is on and off throughout the day. It is best at diffusing oils and covers larger areas than the Aroma Lite. Oils can also be quickly changed, you will have less spills and don’t have to worry about mixing oils.

So this is what I do… My son wakes up if he doesn’t have Serenity on his neck and he is hooked on the white noise of the diffuser, plus it is a good backup to the Serenity on his neck. I combine nearly empty Serenity bottles and screw them on once a week. It’s just enough to do something and it helps me use up the last of my oils. I do the same thing in the kitchen with my used oils so we just have constant random smells in our house but it’s all good. I run it in my kitchen day and night and only have to worry about it every 4-5 days so I love it. I have three of them in my house and I’m thinking of getting another one for my daughter’s room. The Aroma Ace Diffuser is durable and small enough to fit in little places. It does need to be placed where it cannot get knocked over or the oil will get into the working places and break it. There is only one little tiny light on it so you know it’s on – so that’s another thing I like about them.

Aroma Lite Diffuser

I love the Aroma Lite; it’s my favorite doTERRA diffuser. I still use the Aroma Ace in my kitchen all day cause it runs all day and is less work than the Aroma Lite since you don’t have to put water in it. I love the Aroma Lite for my bedroom though, it is really quiet and there is an option to turn the light off. It runs for four or eight hours and has different settings for diffusing oil blends, and single oils. It is economical because the oils are mixed with water which unfortunately also means less oil is dispersed into the room. I love how the Aroma Lite is like a mini humidifier because the humid air helps with your immune system – but it’s not enough to cause problems with white dust and all. It can quickly fill a room at maximum output and is small for compact places. I don’t know how to describe it but I think the Aroma Lite just helps better if we get a little stuffy we just diffuse Breathe and the we’re not stuffy the next morning. We’ve had it a few months and haven’t had a chance to try it on a real cold (which is super, duper awesome, BTW). You do have to fill it up every night but it’s not that big of a deal.

doTerra Petal Diffuser

The doTerra Petal Diffuser has a soft light and soothing mist that is good for diffusing oils at night. It has three settings that are timed for one, two or four hours. Compact for small spaces in homes or offices. The doTerra Petal Diffuser is made for a novice or experienced essential oil user and can cover a 330 square foot room. It is also a stepping stone diffuser for those who can’t afford an Ace or Lite.

Whisper Diffuser

The Whisper has an LED light that can be turned off and is quiet, making it good for diffusing oils at night. It works as a humidifier by diffusing a mixture of oils and water into the air. It conserves oil and automatically shuts off when the water gets below the minimum level. The Whisper Diffuser has six different settings and works up to nine hours. It covers 1,000 square feet and is compact to keep from taking up space on counter tops.


I use Aroma Lite and Aroma Ace for different things. We now have an Aroma Lite in every bedroom except my oldest daughter because she likes the white noise of the Aroma Ace. I personally feel like the atomizing in the Aroma Lite is superior. I think it’s the most effective, it’s easiest to clean and doesn’t use very many oils. I’ve had one of them for a year and it’s still working fine. Once or twice we thought it died but it worked fine the next day. Both times my son had filled it up and probably got a little water on the motor but it dries out fine. I don’t know what I would do without the Aroma Lite in my son’s room because it’s amazing how much better he sleeps with it. I don’t recommend the Lotus anymore because the other two can do so much more. I haven’t tried the new Petal but I believe it is a useful diffuser, for those who can’t afford an Ace or Lite. doTERRA sells four different diffusers, which they don’t make themselves. The doTERRA blog has a comparison of the Lotus and Aroma Ace diffusers that explains their differences well.  The doTERRA Consultant Tools page also offers information about each diffuser they sell.

Have you tried these diffusers or any others?  What is your favorite doTERRA oil diffuser?  Did I miss some pros and cons?

1. Lotus Diffuser

doTERRA Lotus Essential Oil Diffuser

2. Aroma Ace Diffuser

3. Aroma Ace Diffuser

What is the Best doTERRA Oil Diffuser? - MyNaturalFamily.com #doterra #diffuser

4. Aroma Lite Diffuser

5. doTERRA Petal Diffuser

doTERRA Petal Diffuser

6. Whisper Diffuser

Whisper Premium Silent Misting Diffuser (White)

7. Whisper Diffuser

Whisper Premium Silent Misting Diffuser (Silver)


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  1. Melissa says

    Does anyone know of a diffuser that can be set to start at a certain time? I want to set it (similar to an alarm) to start with an energizing oil to help me wake up in the morning. So for example, I would set it to start at 6 AM. So far all of the diffusers I have seen only have auto shut off after a certain time, but not auto start at a certain time.

    • Rebecca says

      What I would do is just buy one of the timers from Target or wherever that you plug in to the outlet and then set the timer. People use them when they go on vacation to turn on the lights. But I would think it would work perfect for what you want and then you could use any diffuser you want.

  2. ashley franklin says

    I am in love with Doterra and I am so glad there are more and more people each day learning about it! I always come across your website and love it!

  3. Tiffany says

    Thank you so much for this essential oil diffuser comparison. I just became an advocate and am excited to get started. Looking forward to more posts from you :)

  4. Kaylea says

    FYI on the Lotus: you can turn off the light (I just learned this a month or so ago). There’s a small button on the base at the rear you press and it will ‘toggle’ the light.

    but everything else about it, I echo 100%. I got the lotus as part of my Natural Solutions kit and love it, BUT am saving up for an AromaLite and definitely recommend it to any of my new WAs who are looking to order one (benefits are more than Lotus and it is the same price :-)

    Just my 2 cents!! Loved your comparison though!

  5. Mia says

    My mom just purchased our family the basic family medical kit as a gift and we are loving! I would love the opportunity to try more of the oils!

  6. JClayton says

    I just received my first lotus so I am a newby. Can you tell me how much sq ft is covered when it is run for an hour?
    I am wondering how far the oils travel.
    Thanks for all your info.

    • Melanie E says

      My friend has the aroma ace diffuser and hers does the kitchen and living room (good sized LR and small kitchen (open floor plan). I would think setting it near a vent would have an effect on it and also the arrangement of furniture/walls. I bet you are loving it!

  7. LaNae Rasmussen says

    Thank you so much for all the information you share it is very Helpful. I am trying to decide between the aroma ace and the aroma lite. My son Has anxiety and a friend said that the aroma ace seem to really get the oils into the system and do a better job in helping with anxiety. He is going away to school and I don’t want to have him stop doing it because it is noisy. My friend uses the ace on the lowest setting and the oils last about a month. Is the sound annoying on the lowest setting?…decisions decisions :) lol

    • says

      If you put it on the very lowest setting but it’s not nearly as annoying as up high but you can still hear it. It’s hard to explain. My son likes the noise. He thinks it is soothing and I think it’s a good white noise.

  8. books says

    Hi :)
    1. When you said you fill up empty Serenity bottles and screw them on once a week…what do you fill them up with?
    2. If I ran the Aroma Ace on low through the night, with something like Breathe, how long would a bottle last?
    Thank you very much :)

    • says

      I put a few drops of Serenity in the bottle and fill the rest up with water. On low all night, any oil besides Vetiver will last around 3-7 days so it’s not the cheapest thing ever. That’s why I really like the Aroma Lite diffuser.

  9. lindsey says

    Thank you for this post. My family has had several upper respiratory infections this winter and I am dealing with a major sinus infection that just won’t go away and I am hoping a diffuser can help.

    • says

      Yes. I really need to add that to this post, huh? I love the Aroma Lite, which is annoying cause I have like 3 Aroma Aces already. I still use the Aroma Ace in my kitchen all day cause it runs all day and is less work than the Aroma Lite. I love to Aroma Lite for bedroom though cause it is really quiet and you can turn the light off. The Aroma Ace is noisy. I love how the Aroma Lite is kind of like a mini humidifier too cause the humid air helps with your immune system – but it’s not enough to cause problems with white dust and all. I don’t know how to describe it but I think the Aroma Lite just helps better if we get a little stuffy we just diffuse Breathe and the we’re not stuffy the next morning. We’ve had it a few months and haven’t had a chance to try it on a real cold (which is super, duper awesome, BTW). You do have to fill it up every night but it’s not that big of a deal. The other thing we use it for is for my son every night we put Citrus Bliss in it and he says it helps him not have bad dreams.

      • Jae says

        I’m also looking into the Aroma Lite..

        question. Is it as annoying/messy to clean and refill as the Lotus? about the same, or harder, or easier?


        with the 15sec on 15sec off option, does the light stay on the whole time, or does it blink too? (because that would get annoying…)

        Also, you say it’s a humidifier… don’t they all act as humidifiers?

        Thanks in advance for ur insight and response :)

        • says

          I think the Aroma Lite is easier to clean because you can get at it better. I think the light stays on the whole time but my Lotus diffuser has been in my basement for a long time so I’m not sure. The Aroma Ace is not like a humidifier. It only atomizes the oils. You don’t add any water to the oils.

  10. Holly jones says

    Thank you for the info. I am just getting in to oils and am trying to research what diffuser to get. I have a child with asthma who seems to catch every cold in the vicinity. I am constantly disinfecting and running this with onguard I am hoping will help with germs.

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