20 of the Best DIY doTERRA Cleaning Recipes

DIY doTERRA Cleaning Recipes

Would you like to make your own cleaning supplies? We have a list of the best cleaning DIY doTERRA recipes that you can make on your own that use doTERRA products! That is right they all use doTERRA. If you are like me I try to get these wonderful oils where ever I can in my life. You will never have to pay for the huge bill for cleaning supplies anymore. You can get the supplies and make your own!

We also have a blog post of The Best Natural Helpful DYI doTERRA Recipes that you will probably want to check out plus we have another blog post about The Best DIY Beauty doTERRA Recipes. We hope these recipes are helpful and you are healthier, feel better and save a lot of money using these natural do it yourself instructions and recipes.

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    1. Janette Wilson says

      I had no idea that I can use essential oils to do a home made cleaner. Thanks a lot for sharing these amazing recipes! I will definitely try them at my home!

    2. sara says

      I’ve heard that dish detergents with lemon or citrus oils can rust metal servingwear. Have you noticed a problem since using the dishwasher detergent recipe?

      • Rebecca says

        I don’t personally use that one myself because I’m worried about that and/or ruining my dishwasher. That and I don’t use essential oils to clean my natural stone bathrooms. I use it everywhere else though.

    3. Jen shears says

      Love that you’ve compiled this list! I was rolling wool yarn yesterday for dryer sheets & working on laundry detergent too!
      I’ve only been involved with doterra since February- but I am in love!
      Thanks for the chance to win some deep blue- a fave for sure!!!

    4. Patricia says

      Having a ton of fun with the cleaner recipes. Getting rid of my chemical cleaners & replacing with these :-)

    5. Gayla says

      Hi! These are wonderful! When I clicked on the instructions for #3-dryer sheets/fabric softener, it actually linked to the air freshener instructions instead. I would love to see the dryer ball instructions!

      Thanks so much for these awesome ideas and tutorials!

      mommylovesoils on Instgram

    6. Melissa Kidder says

      Reading your post gets me excited about cleaning! At 7 month pregnant, I need that motivation. Thank you!

    7. Michelle says

      I love all of your tips and tricks, I just discovered you have a facebook page, I can’t wait to check it out!

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