doTERRA Convention 2014 Tips, Hotels, Maps

doTERRA Convention 2014 Tips, Hotels, Maps

It’s hard to find out information about the doTERRA 2014 Convention at this early date but it’s time now to get your tickets and your hotel. Last year everything sold out REALLY early and things like hotels are already going really fast.

UPDATE – Convention sold out in about two weeks but many people in your upline may have purchased 10 packs so try contacting them to see if you can get some tickets.

Why would you want to go?

I didn’t go myself last year but attended online. I have small children so this was a good option for me at the time. I had about two weeks to watch all the classes online, which was really hard to do because the feed didn’t work during the convention because too many people were trying to use it at the same time – and it was hard to fit it in to my everyday life. This year, I think it will be easier for me to put the time aside and focus on doTERRA for a few days. The classes I enjoyed were learning about the oils. They had presentations explaining why you would want to use them, how to use them, new research and new products. doTERRA Convention 2014 Tips, Hotels, MapsThe part I missed by attending online is all the detailed product classes, the tons of products only available for purchase at Convention, the networking and just being there in person, feeling the energy and learning from the best! Here’s the schedule from last year to give you an idea of what it may be like this year. Here’s a list of the breakout sessions.

Early Registration is open until May 31st but I’d recommend you get you ticket long before that. Here’s the link to register…

If you go to Travelocity, etc. then there is already hardly any availability but after you register for the convention, they let you reserve your hotel through their site and they have better prices and more availability so you will definitely want to check out this option before you make other plans:

The Convention this year is at the Energy Solutions Arena & Salt Palace Convention Center. Last year, it was at the Convention Center but there were 12,000 people in attendance and they sold out months early so they are expanding to the Energy Solutions Arena. That’s crazy! That’s where the Utah Jazz professional basketball team doTERRA Convention 2014 Tips, Hotels, Mapsplays so it’s going to be bigger than ever this year. They are next to each other but you could actually be a block or two away, depending on what part of either building you are at. Make sure and wear good shoes!

The Convention is Sept. 17-20th but you need to consider that you will probably have team training the day before and it will probably start first thing Wednesday so you may want to get a hotel for Tuesday night.

You can read here to learn more about the Salt Palace Convention Center. I really like this map of Downtown Salt Lake to help you see where the hotels are at in relation to the Convention Center. Something to keep in mind when looking at hotels is that you can take public transportation (TRAX) for free in downtown Salt Lake and they run at least every 20 minutes. You may actually find it better to stay in a cheaper and/or better hotel farther from the Convention Center and take TRAX. Here’s a map of the TRAX Free Fare zone. Arena Station is the closest one to the Convention.

If you are looking for a roommate and don’t have any options on your team, you may want to join one of these facebook groups I’m in and ask there.

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