The Best DIY Beauty doTERRA Recipes

doTERRA Beauty real

When I started with doTERRA, I was really surprised at really how few products they have.  I discovered over time that the reason is because it’s so easy and economical to make your own beauty doTERRA recipes.  Here are a few ideas to inspire you to make something wonderful for yourself today.  Please let us know what you like and what works and doesn’t work.  We would love your input!

We also have a blog post of The Best Natural Helpful doTERRA DIY Recipes that you will probably want to check out plus we have another blog post about The Best DIY doTERRA Cleaning Recipes. We hope these recipes are helpful and you are healthier, feel better and save a lot of money using these natural do it yourself instructions and recipes.

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1. DIY Scrub Made With Essential Oils Recipe

 DIY Scrub Made With Essential Oils and lots more doTERRA DIY Beauty Recipes - #doterra #diy

2. Detox and weight loss body wrap

Slim & Sassy Wrap Recipe

3. Mouthwash Recipe Made with Essential Oils Recipe

Mouthwash Recipe Made with Essential Oils and lots more doTERRA DIY Beauty Recipes - #doterra #diy

4. Bath Time Essentials Recipe

Bath Time Essentials and lots more doTERRA DIY Beauty Recipes - #doterra #diy

5. All-Natural Deep Hair Conditioner Recipe

All-Natural Deep Hair Conditioner and lots more doTERRA DIY Beauty Recipes - #doterra #diy

6. Fast-Fizzing Bath Bombs Made with Essential Oils Recipe

Fast-Fizzing Bath Bombs Made with Essential Oils and lots more doTERRA DIY Beauty Recipes - #doterra #diy

7. On Guard Hand Sanitizer Recipe

On Guard Hand Sanitizer and lots more doTERRA DIY Beauty Recipes - #doterra #diy

8. Homemade Vapor Cream Recipe

Homemade Vapor Cream and lots more doTERRA DIY Beauty Recipes - #doterra #diy

9. Deodorant Recipe

Deodorant and lots more doTERRA DIY Beauty Recipes - #doterra #diy

10. doTERRA Scar Eraser Blend Recipe

Scar Eraser Blend Recipe

11. Stinky Feet Spray Recipe

Stinky Feet Spray and lots more doTERRA DIY Beauty Recipes - #doterra #diy

12. Homemade Citrus Shampoo Recipe

Homemade Citrus Shampoo and lots more doTERRA DIY Beauty Recipes - #doterra #diy

13. Toothpaste Recipe

Toothpaste and lots more doTERRA DIY Beauty Recipes - #doterra #diy

14. After Shave Lotion Recipe

After Shave Lotion and lots more doTERRA DIY Beauty Recipes - #doterra #diy

15. Ultra Moisturizing Natural Sunscreen Recipe

Ultra Moisturizing Natural Sunscreen and lots more doTERRA DIY Beauty Recipes - #doterra #diy

16. DIY Herbal Hairspray Recipe

DIY Herbal Hairspray Recipe

17. Sunburn Relief Recipe

Sunburn Relief and lots more doTERRA DIY Beauty Recipes - #doterra #diy

18. Homemade Lip Balm Recipe

Homemade Lip Balm and lots more doTERRA DIY Beauty Recipes - #doterra #diy

19. Homemade Face Cleanser Recipe

Homemade Face Cleanser and lots more doTERRA DIY Beauty Recipes - #doterra #diy

20. Homemade Cinnamon Toothpicks Recipe

Homemade Cinnamon Toothpicks and lots more doTERRA DIY Beauty Recipes - #doterra #diy

21. Natural Body Wash Recipe

Natural Body Wash and lots more doTERRA DIY Beauty Recipes - #doterra #diy

22. Diaper Cream Recipe

doterra diaper cream recipe

23. DIY Coconut Salt Scrub Recipe

DIY Coconut Salt Scrub Recipe

24. DIY Clay Mask Recipe

DIY Clay Mask Recipe

25. Aromatherapy Steam Facial Recipe


26. Dry Shampoo Recipe

Dry Shampoo

27. DIY Shaving Cream Recipe

DIY Shaving Cream Recipe

 28. Sugar Lip Scrub Recipe

Sugar Lip Scrub

29. Moisturizing Lotion Bars Recipe

Moisturizing Lotion Bars

30.. Talc-free Baby Powder Recipe

Talc-free Baby Powder

31..  Shaving Cream Recipe

Shaving Cream

32. Essential Hair Wax Recipe

Essential Hair Wax

33. Ginger Lime Brown Sugar Scrub Recipe

Ginger Lime Brown Sugar Scrub

34. Burts Bees Lip Balm Recipe {Copy Cat}

Burts Bees Lip Balm Recipe {Copy Cat}

35. Homemade Kids Toothpaste Recipe

Homemade Kids Toothpaste

36. Poo Pourri Recipe

Poo Pourri Recipe

37. Honey Lavender Homemade Relaxing Bath Melts Recipe

Honey Lavender Homemade Relaxing Bath Melts

38. Dish Soap Recipe

Dish Soap

39. Soothing Salve Recipe

Soothing Salve

40. Bubble Bath Recipe

Bubble Bath

41. Deodorant Stick Recipe

Deodorant Stick

42. Bronzing Lotion Stick Recipe

Bronzing Lotion Stick

43. Water Bead Diffuser Recipe

Water Bead Diffuser

44. Lip Gloss Recipe

Lip Gloss

45. DIY Foaming Hand Soap Recipe

DIY Foaming Hand Soap Recipe

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  1. Lori Browning says

    This is a great list. I love making my own beauty products and a lot of these will make perfect gifts. Really looking forward to trying the hand sanitizer and deodorant recipes.

  2. Anna Crerand says

    I love that you have condensed all the parts of my “old life” that I want to change into just one list. Thank you!

  3. Becca says

    I just got my first 3 bottles and am OBSESSED! :) Can’t wait to try out the hair conditioner and also the lip scrub and bath fitz deal! :D

  4. Rachel A. says

    I love finding diy recipes. It is especially great to be able to use essential oils in homemade products!

  5. Laurel says

    Thanks for these recipes. I love deep blue have used the roll on yet but will be ordering it, unless I win:)

  6. Cassi M. says

    I love all these great ideas! I tried the lip scrub and it was fantastic!!!
    I can’t wait to try more!

  7. Carli says

    Thank you so much for this wonderful compilation of DIY products from doTERRA. I am in love with doTerra! The more that I find out about it the more that I love them! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Manda says

    I love these recipes! I’ve recently been getting into Doterra essential oils through my mother in law and have been dying to find recipes to make at home. Thanks for this list!

  9. Stephanie says

    I love Doterra products- my family has greatly benefited from them and these recipes seem amazing gonna try a few ASAP! Thank you for posting :)

  10. Alexia says

    Oh MY GOODNESS!!! Thank you SOOOOO much!! My husband and I just started using these oils and the recipes are so helpful!! They really are the best :) we have tried making other natural products and they can’t even compare to these! Thanks again.

    • says

      I tried several generic brands of essential oils and wasn’t very impressed but when I tried doTERRA oils, I could tell they were a lot better quality. I’ve tried any of the other major competitors since doTERRA meets all my needs.

  11. Jacqueline Ford says

    Thanks for sharing. I love the idea of making completely natural products for my entire family. Good bye to toxins; hello to feeling better and better. Great Christmas gift ideas!!

  12. Heather says

    Do it have book about “The Best DIY Beauty doTERRA Recipes”? if does, please let me know. I’m interesting in it.


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