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Earn money as a doterra distributor
doTERRA is a great company for work-at-home moms, stay at home moms, bloggers and anyone looking for supplemental income.  The doTERRA business opportunity has the potential to be huge. Once you sign up as a doTERRA Wellness Advocate and realize how fantastic their product are and how much they help you and your family, it’s hard to not tell others about it.  So many people have health problems and are struggling and looking for answers.  doTERRA really fills the need with a solution for virtually every health problem you can think of.

I’ve looked in to several other direct selling opportunities and I like doTERRA the best by far.  Here’s why:

  • The products fill a real need that people have and it feels good to be able to help other people.
  • The products actually work and are super-high quality.
  • There is almost no health problem they can’t help and they can help with things that traditional medicine can’t help with.woman on laptop crop-wiki
  • You get your own website and can have people sign up and you don’t have to do it all in person (you don’t HAVE to have a party in your home, bug your friends or give a sales presentation to everyone before they start).
  • Residual Income – once you get someone to sign up under you, they stay under you and you earn bonuses off what they purchase for as long as they stay a customer.
  • You can sell it on a blog, website, facebook page, etc. with few restrictions.  Your readers simple click a link and they can choose if they want to purchase the product at retail or wholesale cost (if you sign up under me, just send me a note and I’ll send you the html that will link to your doTERRA website.  When they purchase, doTERRA services the order and ships it and sends you a bonus check (see below).
  • The company itself is a great company and is growing VERY quickly.  They care about and support their community, employees and consultants.
  • There is a HUGE potential to make money if you can get a good team under you.  I know of a lot of people who make six figures doing this.  Of course, it’s not guaranteed.  But if nothing else, they have great promotions like the monthly auto-ship program where you can change your order every month and earn points for free product, they have a free product of the month and every few months they have a great promotion.  For example, for April 2013 for every 200PV order (which is usually $200), you get a bottle of Deep Blue Rub and Deep Blue 10ml Roll On.  This is almost $125 retail value and you can get this free product multiple times in the month.  Talk about incentive for your team to purchase.

Advantages of Selling doTERRA

  • Sponsor other product consultants
  • Free, Personalized web site
  • Free online tools
  • Earn 2-7% sales commissions
  • Earn a 20% bonus on everything new WA’s purchase in the first 60 days
  • Earn several different bonuses based on performance

My Ongoing Incentives do sign up for doTERRA - 1) $50 in free oils with your 100PV new signup order 2)$100 in free oils if you maintain LRP for 3 months 3) $50 in free oils for every person you sign up 4)I add at least one person to your team for every person you sign up 5)All the above incentives to everyone on your team

My Current Incentives to Build a doTERRA Team

All the incentives listed here for signing up and doing LRP – plus:

  • I will send you $50 in free doTERRA product of your choice for every person you get to sign up. Please contact us with what oil and/or oils you would like.

  • For every person you sign up, we will put a new WA under you so  your team can grow twice as fast. (Please note that we can’t guarantee how fast we will be able to move someone under you.)

  • Your new recruits are also eligible for all the above incentives.

To join doTERRA, Click Here

How Do I Get Started?

Sign Up as a Wellness Advocate (WA) and commit to at least a 100 PV monthly LRP (100PV is usually $100. LRP is the Loyalty Rewards Program.).

DoTerraIPC oil,lavAs a WA, you will get the lower wholesale price (25% below retail). It is $35 to sign up – or purchase a starter pack and the $35 is included. $25 yearly fee and must place at least one $50 order a year. Every few months they have promotions where you can get a free bottle of an essential oil if you spend a certain amount. You can participate in this if you are an WAand get free oils this way.  By committing to the monthly auto-ship program, you can qualify for free product every month if you meet the requirements and you can also earn points toward free product.  You can change your LRP order monthly easily online so you can get different oils every month depending on your needs.  Most WAs find that once they use the product, it isn’t a problem finding product to order monthly.

You may find this video from a doTERRA Presidential Diamond on the doTERRA business opportunity interesting.

Here are all the details of the doTERRA Compensation Plan:

Retail Profit

You are allowed to buy doTERRA at the wholesale cost and sell it for however much you can get for it and you can make profit that way.  This would be a great option if you have a store, are a mid-wife, sell at a craft fair or you are a chiropractor or massage therapist with clients.

You can also refer people to your own doTERRA store that you will receive when you sign up as an WA and if they want to purchase the items at the retail cost so they don’t have to sign up or anything, doTERRA will ship the items directly to them and you will receive the 25% different between the wholesale cost and the retail cost.  When you sign up, you are given a link to your store that you can post online at places like facebook, Pinterest or a blog.

You get 25% commission on any/all of these orders placed with your ID#.   To receive this you must be an active WA but no monthly order or LRP is

peppermint oil, leaves

Fast Start Bonus

As long as you have a 100 PV LRP order yourself, then you receive 20% of what new WAs purchase in the first 60 days.  This can be huge because WA’s generally purchase a lot at the beginning so they can try the different things out.

You receive 20% on purchases made within the first 60 days by WA’s that you enroll.  The person who enrolled you receives 10%, and the person who enrolled that person receives 5%. This is why it is good to keep signing up new WA’s (enroller based). Fast Start payments are processed on Wednesday (covering the prior Monday-Sunday) and mailed/deposited on Thursday. In order to receive Fast Start commissions you must have a LRP order of at least $100 PV in place at all times and must process once during the month.

Power of Three Team Bonus

This can be a great monthly bonus.  If you and 3 WA’s  under you commit to a $100 PV LRP order every month and you have at least 600 OV between you and your first level, then you get a $50 bonus every month.  If you can get those 3 WA’s to get 3 WA’s  with a 100 PV order then you get a $250 bonus every month and then if you can get the next level to do the same you get a $1500 monthly bonus.  Sounds like a lot of work and it definitely is and will definitely take time to set up but if you can get it to work, then just knowing that you’re getting paid at least $1500 every month would be HUGE!

Unilevel Organizational Bonus

Consultant (Level 1) – You must have a $100 PV LRP order process. You are paid 2% of everything that the WA’s you personally signed up purchase (after the first 60 days).

Manager and Above (Levels 2-7) – If you can get someone you signed up to sign someone else up, then you will want to move up to the Manager position or you won’t receive the 3% payout from your 2nd level.  You need your own $100 PV LRP monthly order and at least $500 OV.  doTERRA is unique because you actually get a higher percentage the farther down the line the WA’s are – I’m sure they do this to motivate you to build your team.  You are paid the % on the chart for each level as long as you meet the rank requirements at the top of the page. You can look in the doTERRA back end at any time and see what rank you are and what it takes to get to the next rank.  This is paid on the 15th of the next month. You received one combined check on the 15th for everything except Fast Start.

It’s fairly self-explanatory after this until you want to be Premier.  To be Premier you need 2 WA’s that are at least an Executive themselves.  Then you work your way up to Presidential Diamond, which requires at least 6 Platinum WA’s under you.

lemon oil, plant1Once you reach the Silver level, you’re pretty awesome in the doTERRA world.  You get to go in the special line at Pick Up in Orem, UT.  You can attend special Silver and above training and several other things.  But the main reason you want to be a silver is because you then are a part of the Leadership Performance Pool.  They take all the sales for that month and multiply it by 2%.  Then all the Silvers get at least one share in this pool.  Then as you work your way up you get even more shares.

To become a Presidential Diamond is very difficult and takes a lot of work and time but from what I gather, it’s totally worth it.  There are currently only 9 Presidential Diamonds.  That means they are getting a huge share out of a big pot.  When you reach this level, you definitely are making enough that doTERRA is your job.  Here is an example of what doTERRA paid out in just one month.  Didn’t I say it was worth it?

doTERRA Average Monthly Payouts #doterra

If you want to learn more about the doTERRA opportunity and earning potential, please read this article from doTERRA.

January & February 2015 doTERRA Corporate Incentive

Have you been waiting to join doTERRA at wholesale cost? Here is your opportunity! If you enroll before February 28th with a 100 PV + order and the next month place a 100 PV + Loyalty Rewards order, you will receive 100 Loyalty Reward points with your qualifying 100 PV Loyalty Rewards order. (Examples of a 100 PV enrollment order are the Family Physician/Slim & Sassy Kit and the Cleanse and Restore Kit.) There is no further obligation.

You do not have to sign up for LRP with your enrollment order. To qualify, process your first LRP order following the month of enrollment and enter the code I will send you. The 100 free product points will be added to your account three business days after your 100 PV + Loyalty Rewards order has processed. Please click here for more details, including the products that can't be purchased with points.

This promotion is on top of my current, ongoing incentives.  Please click here to sign up for doTERRA or learn more about doTERRA .

Have you been waiting to join doTERRA at wholesale cost? Here is your opportunity! Click to learn how you can get $150 in free essential oils.

Why Sign up for doTERRA?

  • World's highest quality essential oils
  • I will educate you via email on how to use the oils
  • 25% discount off retail prices
  • No obligation to either buy or sell
  • Get 50PV of free doTERRA essential oils of your choice with a 100 PV+ (~$150+) initial order.
  • Optional - 100 PV of free oils if you do LRP (Loyalty Rewards Program) for 3 months
  • Optional - 50 PV of free oils for every person you sign up (I will train you via email)
  • I add at least one person to your team for every person you sign up
  • All the above incentives to everyone on your team
  • Learn More »

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    Terms -
    PV – Personal Volume – generally $1=1 PV but if you are purchase a set or other discounted item you then don’t get quite as many PV as dollars.
    OV – Organizational Volume – same as above but it’s what all your organization purchases
    LRP – Loyalty Rewards Program – you commit to a monthly order that can be changed every month
    WA – Wellness Advocate – those who sign up with a wholesale account
    Enroller: Person who will receive Fast Track Commissions, typically the person who brought the enrollee to the table, has a connection with and

    will guide the enrollee in their use of the oils and account. Sometimes referred to as the person who signed up the WA.

    Sponsor: The person who is directly above an WA. Sometimes referred to as placed. The Sponsor and Enroller can be the same person. It is required 

    that the Sponsor be in the same leg and somewhere under the Enroller.


    Read the article at this link for full details on the compensation plan.


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    1. debbie schneider says

      I have been wanting to try the deep blue roll on for so long! do terra oils have been a life saver for me. :)

    2. Lisa O says

      I am SOOOOO excited about Doterra oils. Ive only been using it for 3 months but I’ve taken my son off of both his allergy meds! I am shrinking an ugly keloid on my hip, and I cant stop talking about my oils! My mom tells me I’m like a kid in a candy store! I cant get enough. I want to start a doTerra business. Where do I start???

    3. says

      Hi there, just became aware of your blog through Google, and found
      that it’s truly informative. I am going to watch out for brussels.
      I’ll be grateful if you continue this in future. Numerous
      people will be benefited from your writing. Cheers!

    4. Amanda says

      Thank you for making your website so easy to navigate. I have used essential oils forever but decided recently to start selling the product that I believe in. Thanks again

    5. Savanna says

      Thank you for writing this. I recently signed up and was wondering more about the compensation plan. This explained to me just how I needed!!

    6. Simon says

      I am a South African can you send me more details on how to join the business
      and the business plan

      • says

        What kind of information are you looking for? I believe if you’re in South Africa you can sign up but you may want to contact doTERRA directly and ask them because I don’t know all the particulars. Their email is service@doterra.com.

    7. Lydia Wells says

      I’m actually looking into selling DoTerra oils. My husband was laid off work a few months ago and has not been able to find work. This looks like a company and product I can believe in that would also help support us.

      • says

        My husband was laid off for three months at the beginning of this year and my doTERRA income is the main thing that helped us make it through it. There is definitely a potential for income if you’re willing to get out there and make it happen. Did you see the incentives I offer and the incentive for Oct. offered by doTERRA?

    8. Alexandra says


      I am glad I found you site. It helps to read and explore more of the wholesale program. What are the incentives offered for October 2013? I like that you offer additional incentives and support!

    9. Bryan says

      The compensation plan is terrible!!! Why is there a “cap” on your income???? A true network marketing business opportunity has no limit on what you can earn… The fact that you are only limited to 7 deep means doTerra doesn’t have the Capitol to pay you for every distributor in your organization…. Not impressed at all!!!!!!!

      • says

        There’s no cap on your income. If you do get to be a Presidential Diamond, which there are only about 10 worldwide, then you can actually become a Presidential Diamond again. Sure, you aren’t directly paid a bonus lower than 7 levels down but you are indirectly paid on them because the higher they are, the more points you get in the bonus pool. Those at the top are earning around $1M a year at least, from what I can tell. It is actually one of the most generous compensation plans I have ever seen. You just have to look at it closer and really understand it to see how huge the potential is.

        • Bryan says

          That makes zero sense…. I don’t care how you cut it, if there are limitations on the parameters (width or depth) of your organization and/or compensation then all that means is “doTerra” doesn’t have enough Capitol to be a long lasting network marketing company….. Do your research…. Why can’t they afford to pay 100 wide and 100 deep????????? Answer me that…..

          • says

            It’s because their plan is different from most. Their percentage actually gets higher the lower the level. If someone on the lowest level makes a purchase, each level above them gets their cut so if someone on level 7 buys, doTERRA is paying out 34% of their purchase, plus all the bonuses, free product, etc. That I imagine could get up to 75% of the purchase price. If they go down any farther they would be paying out more than they make. So, if it was 100 deep they would be paying out like 1000% of the purchase price. Just look at the compensation plan really carefully and it will hopefully start to make sense for you: http://www.doterratools.com/documents/Compensation_Plan.pdf

      • says

        If you sign up for doTERRA as an IPC, you automatically get your own doTERRA shopping cart you can use to direct people to buy your products. It doesn’t come with any real kind of marketing though. You would have to do that on a blog, website, facebook, etc.

    10. says

      As a massage therapist i use essential oils daily. Been trying all kind of different brands, but what i’ve noticed is that my customer satisfaction after massage using doterra products is far greater than using any other brand . This could be due to any reasons but it is obvious fact. I am interested in their compensation plan program and possibly signing under you. I also found that Amazon is selling all doterra products on wholesale already, without any obligations, no sign-ins etc. So my question is – what differentiate and put us ahead of Amazon( who menage to kill the whole purpose of signing in to get 25% OFF)

      • says

        I sell on Amazon too but those who sell below wholesale are not authorized sellers and are being investigated by doTERRA so I would only buy from Amazon if you buy from an authorized seller. The reason to sign up for doTERRA is that you not only get the oils for 25% off but if you do the Loyalty Reward Program and do at least a 100 PV order (usually $100) each month, you can get from 10% to 30% back as free product. They also have promotions, like the one ending today, where if you spend at least 200PV you get Past Tense and In Tune for free so that’s huge (and that’s probably why the Amazon unauthorized sellers can sell their product for so low). The other huge reason is that if you sign people up under you, you can earn a percentage of their purchases. It’s 20% for the first month and 2-7% per month after that. As a massage therapist, you can earn money by selling to your clients directly at whatever price you want as long as it’s 10% above wholesale and you keep the profits. You can sell them them either directly or have them order from doTERRA at the retail price. The beauty comes in that if you can get 3 people to get an LRP (monthly) order, you get a $50 bonus every month. If you can get your three to sign up three more then you get a $250 bonus. There are other bonuses if you get to the diamond level. Another reason to sign up under me instead of Amazon is that I will support you, put people under you and answer your questions. After all, I have incentive to help you grow and as you grow, I do too so it’s a win-win. Also, if you sign up under me instead of someone else, I have incentives. Just click the Start doTERRA button on the top right of my blog and you can read about the incentives, but basically I will send you $50 in product and a free book for signing up and then some more things if you want to do more. I’ve recently been reading the doTERRA Leadership magazine and it’s amazing how well some of the doTERRA high up people do. Some of them earn more money in a month than most people make in a year. So there’s definitely potential there. A lot of them tried other direct selling opportunities and failed. The reason people have such good luck with doTERRA is because the product is actually really good, they are a good company that has generous bonuses and incentives to build a team and because you are helping people improve their lives, you actually feel good about helping people and as you help others, the money will naturally come. Does that answer your questions?

          • says

            I believe so. Since I live two miles from their headquarters, I don’t have to worry about that but I think it does. I guess the free oil over 125PV is usually worth about $10 so maybe they think that makes up for it . . . Did you see that they’re doing another promotion for this month?

    11. says

      I really could use this as my thyroid has tanked and because of the RA and Fibromyalgia, I have such a low energy flow. I could use something to kick start me into feelng better and hopefully lose some weight.


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