How to Join doTERRA Essential Oils

How to Start doTERRA Wholesale {Essential Oils for 25% off the Retail Price}

Following are the instructions of how to join doTERRA Essential Oils.  While doTERRA oils may not be cheap essential oils compared to other essential oils, I think they are definitely worth the sometimes higher cost.  This is because of the quality, concentration and purity of the oils.  These oils are not like what you will find in a regular health food store.

Read all my TONS of incentives to join doTERRA 

To join doTERRA and buy doTERRA essential oils at the wholesale cost, please click the link below then follow the instructions below.

Yes, I want to sign up NOW »

Step 1: Select “Join as a new Wellness Advocate”. This level of membership will give you the largest discount (25% on all products) but will NOT obligate you in any way to sell or buy.

Step 2: Next, fill out the billing, shipping and contact information forms. Please take the time to check the contact by email. These options will allow me to communicate with you via email.

Step 3: Read Terms and Conditions and check the box

Step 4: Read Virtual Office Usage Agreement and check the boxHow to Start doTERRA Wholesale {Essential Oils for 25% off the Retail Price}

Step 5: Start up Order Form

This is where you will see a list of the enrollment kits available and what’s in them. Each enrollment kit has the $35 membership fee rolled into the purchase price.  I recommend the Family Physician Kit.

Here is a list of all the enrollment kits.

If you are already planning to sign up for LRP (see step 6 below) and get up to 30% of your purchases back as product points, you should consider buying a larger kit and start accruing your LRP at a higher rate and get bonus points.  You can read more about the Loyalty Rewards Fast Track Program here.

If you do not want a kit and would prefer to order products a la carte:

  • Select the Introductory Packet from the enrollment kit list. This is your membership fee of $35.
  • To order separate items, use the Optional Form with 5 lines of pull down menu bars.
  • Select your items and select a “quantity”.
  • Select your preferred shipping method.

Step 6: Loyalty Rewards Program (optional) 

Earn Free doTERRA Essential Oils Every Month with LRP

Earn Free doTERRA Essential Oils Every Month with LRP

Advantages of the Loyalty Rewards Program

  • 10-30% autoship rewards credits – get points for free products
  • Free product every month your LRP is above 125PV for that month
  • You can easily change your LRP order online every month and get different oils every month and you can stop the auto-ship program at any time (but if you do, you lose all your points)
  • Earn Money by Making doTERRA Your Business

Read about all the advantages of LRP here.

If you’re wondering what to put in your monthly order, I highly recommend doTERRA’s vitamin pack that includes really high quality fish oils.

Step 7: Startup Order

  • This is where you will see the order your created.
  •  If you need to make changes simply click the back button.

Step 8: Payment method

Upon successful submittance of your application you’ll be give your new member number and access to your personalized back office.

You Just Signed Up as a doTERRA Product Consultant… Now What?

You Just Signed Up as a doTERRA Product Consultant. Now What?Congratulations on joining our team! We are excited to share these great products with you. They truly can make a big difference in your life but the hardest part of doTERRA, in my opinion, is knowing how to use them. So that’s where I come in. I send all my new consultants “Dr. Me”.  [Read More]


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  1. Andrea Drost says

    Thanks sooo much for all the amazing info on doterra oils!!! I look forward to winning the deep blue roll on ;)

  2. Tammy says

    Can you tell me how much shipping is. Also can you translate into dollars what your PV means? I think I read if you sign up for 125 PV, then you qualify for so something. ( sorry, I’m confused by dome the acronyms)

    • says

      PV is usually the same as dollars for the oils but for things like kits you are getting a discount so the PV is less. When you are placing your order I think it just says “Volume” and that’s the same thing. It’s very confusing. If you sign up with me and place at least a 100PV order then I will send you $50 in free oils. For example, the Family Physician and Slim & Sassy kit costs $150 (think) but is only 110 PV because you are getting a discount and the $35 signup fee is included in it. But that’s enough to get the $50 in free oils since it’s over 100 PV/ Volume. This month if any order, including your first is over 200PV then doTERRA gives you Breathe and On Guard for free.

  3. Emily says

    If you purchase an enrollment kit on the first order, do you get 25% off the kit price? For example, if you purchase the $250 kit do you really only pay $187.50 for the kit because it is 25% off?

    • says

      The $250 enrollment kits already have the 25% discount built in to them so it really costs $250. They just re-did the enrollment kits though and the Family Wellness Kit looks really good. All the most popular oils, plus the vitamins, which so many people love. That’s probably what I would have gotten when I signed up if they would have had that back when. I’m also going to copy what I just sent someone else because I think it may help you:
      PV is usually the same as dollars for the oils but for things like kits you are getting a discount so the PV is less. When you are placing your order I think it just says “Volume” and that’s the same thing. It’s very confusing. If you sign up with me and place at least a 100PV order then I will send you $50 in free oils. For example, the Family Physician and Slim & Sassy kit costs $150 (think) but is only 110 PV because you are getting a discount and the $35 signup fee is included in it. But that’s enough to get the $50 in free oils since it’s over 100 PV/ Volume. This month if any order, including your first, is over 200PV then doTERRA gives you Breathe and On Guard for free.

    • says

      Yes, on each oil there are all the buying options, such as buying directly from me, buying on Amazon or buying from doTERRA at the higher retail cost. A consultant is the cheapest way to get them but if you just want to try one or two then the other options can be good.

  4. Dina says

    Thanks soo much for clearing things up….I thought that if I buy retail I have to buy a lot of stuff monthly….I want EO for personal use so the 25% off sounds great …..I hope I got it right tho…..
    Does the 25% off apply to all my orders the whole year??? Or the first buy ( the kits??

    Thanks again

    • says

      Yes, the 25% off applies to all your orders for the whole year. You are under no obligation to buy any more oils after the first order. You can buy whenever you feel like it and how ever much you want. If you want to earn a free small oil every month and get from 10-30% of your purchases back in points to get free oils and be qualified to earn bonuses or anyone under you, then you need to sign up for the LRP program, which is their monthly program. But you don’t have to do that. I tried out the oils first for a few months before I did that so that could be a good way for you to do it.

      • Dina says

        Woo great info thanks.
        One last question pls….does Doterra EO bottle comes with a sealed cap?
        Planning to order one bottle for my friend in the states to test them out ,before I jump and make my big order
        Just want to make sure that there is zero chance of leakage before I ask her this favoure,,
        Problem is where I live don’t allow liquids to be shipped in mail… every time I have to order to my friend in the states and she can get it with here when she visits home :(((((
        But I have no idea EO are worth the trouble :)))
        Thanks again

        • says

          They do come in a sealed cap but it is still possible for leakage in the mail but we’ve had really good luck shipping them. I’d say we have a problem with leakage about 1 in 50 orders so it’s possible but not likely and if there is leakage in the mail, both us and doTERRA are good about replacing them. We wrap them in bubble wrap then put more bubbles in then put them in a box. When you order directly from doTERRA, I’m not sure how they package them but I’ve never heard anyone complaining about the leakage when ordering from doTERRA.

  5. Danielle Rafferty says

    I have just been introduced to doTerra oils recently and I am impressed. Have so many I would love but especially frankincense and some OnGuard.

  6. says

    I received some samples of DoTerra a while back and I recently brought them out. I must say they smell amazing and I’ve been feeling the effects. I need to research a bit more about the company and the cost associated with becoming a consultant, but my interest is piqued.

    • Rebecca says

      One of the awesome things about doTERRA is all you do is sign up for a wholesale account and you get 25% off all orders for the next year. It costs $35 but most people save that much on their first order compared to the retail price. It’s a lot like Costco or Sam’s Club. Then if you want to be a consultant, there is no extra cost and you don’t have to buy any extra oils or anything. That, combined with a product that works well, is why doTERRA is growing like CRAZY!

  7. says

    I have received my three free samples of DoTerra and I was the first to try the Serenity out last night. I slept about 15% better and that is really good for me. My oldest child could benefit greatly from these products if it works good for him which I will be trying out in the next few days. I think this is a wonderful program and If I had the extra income I would have loved to test and review and become part of the doterra products. Thank you again for my free sample.

  8. Aimee says

    I am interested in signing up but am not sure that I will purchase the required amount to keep my membership since I am just learning about the benefits of essential oils. If I don’t purchase the required amount, will I still be able to sign back up to get the discount? How exactly does it work if others want to order? Can they order via my account so I can reach the required purchase amount or do they have to set up their own account and pay the $35.00? If I sign up, will I be sent info about each essential oil? Thanks

    • says

      After your first purchase, there is no obligation whatsoever. You can buy more if you want but you don’t have to. IF you want to keep your account open after a year then it costs $25 and you need to place one $50 order a year but you don’t even have to sign up for the second year if you don’t want to. If you want to do the monthly program, you can but you don’t have to. I usually recommend you buy some to start with then if you find that you’re using them a lot, you start doing the monthly plan and building a business. That’s what I did. If others want to order, you will have your own doTERRA website that they can purchase from you or sign up under you. They will have to each pay their $35 (but if you get a kit, which most people do, the $35 is included in it). Anyway, I send everyone that signs up under me a booklet that has lots of information about each oil and each health issue so you can start to learn how to use them. Following me on the blog will also give you ideas. Let me know if you have any questions. I would be thrilled to have you on my team!

        • says

          If you decide that you still like the company and want to buy more then it costs $25 a year to keep your account open. But there’s no pressure to do so. You could go a couple of years without buying anything even and then if you wanted to buy some out of the blue, you would just have to pay the $25 then to start up again. It’s really just a lot like Costco or Sam’s Club. Most people think the membership is totally worth it and some don’t but you don’t have to pay annually or have an auto-ship order if you don’t want to.

  9. Theresa says

    Essential oils are my passion. All I have used are different. Luckily, with essential oils, uniformity is not “essential”. I want to try all of yours.

  10. Brittany says

    I’m really interested in signing up for this. Is there absolutely no obligation to buy or sell? I can sign up only to get the discount when I want to purchase product?

    • says

      The only sort of obligation is the $35 sign up fee then it’s $25 a year after that if you want to keep doing it. I think you have to purchase once a year to maintain your account. Then you are able to purchase the products at 25% off retail, so a lot of people save more than $35 on their first order compared to retail price. Plus, if you choose a kit at sign up, the $35 fee is included in it along with a discount on the oils since they are in a bundle.
      There are other options, like a monthly purchase program and you can sell it to others but those are optional. What I did is sign up and for the first six months and just used the products for our family but after a while I saw that I was ordering every month anyway so I signed up for the LRP program so I could get the points for the free product and then started blogging about it so I could start building a team. But I’m sure I am like most people in that I wanted to try them out first myself before I committed to anything else. I’ve found everything about this company to be refreshingly different and that’s a big part of why they are so successful.

  11. says

    We’ve been considering doTerra among other brands for essential oils. Haven’t decided yet, though. :/ I tried using some lavender oil to help me sleep last night, and it did seem to work. That excited me. :D

    • Rebecca says

      We’ve been experimenting with doTERRA’s Serenity on our children to help them go right to sleep and it seems to work great. It has Lavender and several other oils in it. You may want to think about purchasing that to try.

    • Rebecca says

      From the research I’ve done on autoimmune disorders (since I have several too), it seems like if you get down to the real cause, it’s because you have an allergy or health problem and your body is attacking itself to try to kill it. So allergies can cause them, but especially Candida growth/heavy metals can cause them. Please read the articles on our site about Candida, heavy metals, mercury fillings, doTERRA cilantro oil and I’ll soon add one about eliminating allergies with NAET. They have all helped me.

  12. irma5913 says


  13. Shirley Dubon says

    I’d love to try the Zendocrine Essential Oil Blend to help support my liver, and hopefully prevent getting a liver condition I got in my first pregnancy!

  14. Meghan says

    Intune, Serenity and the Cassia single blend! I absolutely love aromatherapy and actually I experiment myself with using oils but I am just beginning!

  15. jojon says

    I am not sure where to begin. I want to try just about everything. I am just getting into benefits and use of essential oils

  16. Krista Grandstaff says

    The Slime & Sassy would def be my first pick, but if I had to go with another, I’d pick the Deep Blue :) I already use oregano, peppermint, spearmint, lemon, clove..and other oils…

  17. Rebecca says

    For children sleeping better, I recommend Serenity. I’m trying it out my children and having good luck so far but I need to do it a little longer before I can say it works for sure.


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