doTERRA Juniper Berry Essential Oil Uses – 5ml Bottle

doTERRA Juniper Berry Essential Oil Uses on #doterra

The woody, spicy, yet fresh aroma of Juniper Berry reveals its rich history of traditional use and therapeutic benefits.
• Supports healthy kidney and urinary function.
• May benefit problematic skin areas.
• Acts as a natural cleansing and detoxifying agent.
• Helps relieve tension and stress.

My Notes from Dr. Hill’s presentation at the doTERRA Convention 2013:
doTERRA Juniper Berry essential oil comes from Bulgaria and Juniper can be distilled from twigs, wood, needles, and berries. doTERRA choose to distill it from the berry itself. That comes with a couple of challenges. You have to use ripe berries and the berries take three years to ripen so it would be much easier to source this from some of the other parts of the juniper – but you would get the same benefits. The chemistry of the berry is much better than any of the other parts. Juniper is comprised of monoterpenes (as are all the doTERRA essential oils), which are valuable because they are anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer (is that really a word?), anti-septic, analgesic, reduce toxicity and have sedative effects. Juniper has strong anti-inflammatory properties and it’s good to use for any type of skin condition. There will be no type of irritation; it will be calming, soothing, anti-bacterial and anti-infectious. It can be taken internally or externally without worry of harm.

Traditional Uses of Juniper:
Antiseptic and astringent
Sore muscles
Digestive Support

doTERRA Juniper Berry is very different from any other brand’s because of the plant species that is used and the part of the plant and you will not experience the negative side effects that are common with Juniper essential oil.

doTERRA Juniper Berry Essential Oil Uses on #doterra

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