Treat Athlete’s Foot Naturally with doTERRA Essential Oils

Treat Athlete's Foot Naturally with doTERRA Essential Oils

Do you have itching feet? Looking for home athlete’s foot remedies or a treatment for fungal infections on skin?

Here are some common Athlete’s Foot home remedies that also work for other fungi such as ringworm and thrush with doTERRA Essential Oils:

Treat Athlete's Foot Naturally with doTERRA Essential OilsI personally tried all of these on my toe fungus/Athlete’s Foot and I found Oregano to work the best at the first to burn it out and help with the burning and itching but then I liked Melaleuca and Clear Skin a few days later to help clear it up once it was under control.

The thing you need to realize about Athelete’s Foot is that it’s caused by a fungus and by Candiasis and if you want to keep it from coming back, you need to treat the Candiasis.  For a more in-depth article on Athlete’s Foot and other treatment options, please read here.

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Have you been waiting to join doTERRA at wholesale cost? Here is your opportunity! If you enroll in December with a 200 PV + order, you get a free Frankincense. That is a $93 value! There is no further obligation.

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      • says

        That’s definitely true generally but for warts only I like to put it on neat but you have to be really careful not to get it on the skin at all. I have my daughter use a sample bottle since not nearly as much comes out. Since it’s not normal skin, it seems to be fine. Although, if you’re worried about it, you could certainly dilute it. Another idea is to take a bandaid and cut out a small hole so only the wart is showing then put the oil right on the wart.

    1. Angie says

      I’m just learning about essential oils. My daughter is complaining of athlete’s foot, so I looked it up and found your site. Thank you!!!

    2. Rebecca Paradis says

      Goodness did I need this article. I was in an auto accident in Jan, 2013. Having an evening foot soak has become a ritual for me to ease the discomfort. I acquired athletes foot I presume from rushing and not drying my feet well and throwing my night shoes on…I want to try a natural remedy as opposed to the store creams. Thank you for sharing!

    3. Sierra says

      Out of the oils I tried (lavender, thieves, and tea tree) I found frankincense the most helpful. It cleared it up super fast.

    4. H. Forall says

      I tried this treatment to treat my mom’s toe nail fungus, but she got bad blisters and hives. I’m betting she has candida. Thanks!

    5. md kennedy says

      I never thought of essential oils treating athlete’s foot, which my mother has suffered from, onand off, all her life. I’ll forward this post to her. Thanks!

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