You Just Signed Up as a doTERRA Product Consultant. Now What?

 You Just Signed Up as a doTERRA Product Consultant.  Now What?

Congratulations on joining our team!  We are excited to share these great products with you.  They truly can make a big difference in your life but the hardest part of doTERRA, in my opinion, is knowing how to use them.  So that’s where I come in.  I send all my new consultants “Dr. Me”.  It’s been the most helpful thing for me.  Whenever I have a health issue, I just look it up and it tells me which oils to use and how.  If you want a book that’s more in depth, I highly recommend purchasing:

This website also has lots of great things to supplement your oils, like empty bottles, carrying cases, diffusers, business tools, labels, brochures.

Similar to Aroma Tools – doTERRA Virtual Office – place orders, see your downline, and other great tools

Other Useful Links

My facebook group – Ask questions and get answers about all things doTERRA - I highly recommend that every IPC joins this group.  It is an active group that can answer all your questions.  Don’t miss the huge files section with lots of useful resources - The doTERRA Product Guide and catalog links – I have found this really useful & love to follow them on facebook – Tons of unofficial info. about all the oils and how to use them A list of all the official doTERRA sites - A calendar of all the upcoming Aroma Touch Technique training
Official dōTERRA Facebook Page The best place to connect with dōTERRA on Facebook, get product information, and to connect with dōTERRA product fans, friends and more.

Official dōTERRA YouTube Channel - When dōTERRA creates a new “official” video, this is often the first place it is made available to dōTERRA IPCs.

Official dōTERRA Pinterest Page - See how dōTERRA is being shared on Pinterest–get ideas on how to share dōTERRA, products, product uses and more!


If you want to grow your doTERRA business (or host an event) You Just Signed Up as a doTERRA Product Consultant.  Now What?- Details of the doTERRA Compensation Plan including a link to the doTERRA Chart – Tons of links to help you start your doTERRA business – If you want to get serious about growing your doTERRA business then this is a great place to start - A great resource if you want to build your business with news, promotions, tips, training, etc. – A site created by IPCs for IPCs.  It has lots of training videos to help you learn a bunch about the business part of doTERRA
Official dōTERRA Tools Site - An “all-in-one” site with downloadable Product Information Pages, Imagery, Product Presentations and more. - Read from a Presidential Diamond about how to be successful with doTERRA – Online training by Andy & Natalie Goddard, Quinn Curtis, Laura Jacobs & Heidi Weyland

Zyto Compass Scanner Review – Quit Guessing What Essential Oils to Use

Zyto Compass Scanner Review - Quit Guessing What Essential Oils to Use

Are you tired of guessing what essential oils to use?  I sure was until recently. It’s so frustrating reading the books or hearing testimonials from others and it seemed like different oils worked for different people. Or you have a health issue and you don’t know what’s really causing it and you could spend forever [Read More]

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  1. Heather says

    Was sent here from a friend!! Funny thing is I’m trying to sale dōTERRA to her and SHE sent ME here! lol

  2. Jessica says

    Thanks for this. I just signed up for doTerra. I fell in love with the oils a friend sent to review for my blog!

  3. Sarah says

    Thank you for this post I recently joined the dōTERRA family and am loving it. I will definitely share your blog with others who start up. Blessings
    - Sarah M.

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