Zyto Compass Scanner Review – Quit Guessing What Essential Oils to Use

Zyto Compass Scanner Review - Quit Guessing What Essential Oils to Use

Are you tired of guessing what essential oils to use?  I sure was until recently. It’s so frustrating reading the books or hearing testimonials from others and it seemed like different oils worked for different people. Or you have a health issue and you don’t know what’s really causing it and you could spend forever guessing about it. I felt like I was wasting a lot of money trying a lot of oils and some worked great but others didn’t.  I’ve also been signing up a lot of people for doTERRA and it was so hard to recommend certain products to them.

So let me back up a bit and tell you about how I came to join doTERRA. I had a friend that posted on facebook all the time about doTERRA and it sounded interesting but I didn’t need one more health thing Zyto Compass Scanner Review - Quit Guessing What Essential Oils to Useto spend my money on. Then my daughter got sick and I figured it wouldn’t hurt to have my friend come do a Zyto Compass Scan and see if anything came up. My friend came and scanned the entire family and made up little sample vials for everyone in our family. Then something crazy happened. We all felt so much better for a week or so until we ran out of the oils.  So we signed up – and bought a ton of oils when we did – cause we wanted to buy all the oils that came up on all our tests. Then we used the oils for about six months and had so much success that we decided to start this blog and share it with others. The problem is that the friend who we signed up under moved out of state so we weren’t able to do a scan for the last 1 1/2 years.

I kind of forgot about the scan and didn’t know what it was called – until recently. On the facebook group I’m in, so many people were saying how great the scanner was. I researched and decided to go for it and purchased it to help us with some health issues we were struggling with finding answers to.

We have been very happy with our Zyto Compass Scanner.  It’s so great because it gives you a list of oils that will help you in order of importance and tells you how many biomarkers it will help.  Here are some examples of when I have been impressed with it:

  • It suggested that I take black pepper essential oil, which I thought was odd but I started taking it internally – 2 drops 3 times a day.  And my RA was really improved.  Then I looked up black pepper and it said it helped with RA.  I had never heard that before and it helps me more than any other essential oil for RA.
  • I’ve been struggling with a UTI infection for a year or so.  I take the standard protocol and it would help for a while then I would get lazy and it would stop working.  My scan told me to take Juniper Berry essential oil so I gave it a try and it has helped my UTI more than anything.
  • Every time after eating popcorn I would Zyto Compass Scanner Review - Quit Guessing What Essential Oils to Useget a little tummy ache. (Yes, I do induldge every once in a while.  But I’d rather eat white popcorn cooked in a pot with coconut oil, sprinkled with Real Salt and nutritional yeast than any sweet dessert out there.) So I did a scan the next morning after eating popcorn and it told me to take Zendocrine essential oil blend.  I did and felt tons better in 20 minutes.  Normally I would take DigestZen and it definitely helps, but Zendocrine helped me even more!
  • I had the stomach flu for a few days.  Mostly my tummy hurt a lot and I burped stinking burps but that was about it.  I couldn’t find anything that helped so I did a scan and it told me to take Zendocrine.  Viola!  Literally within 20 minutes I felt tons better.  It started hurting again a few hours later so I took Zendocine again and that’s all it took.  My three days tummy ache was gone.  BTW, I take Zendocrine on a regular basis now and stopped taking a lot of other oils I was taking for similar digestive issues.
  • I started getting a bad cold so I did a scan and it told me to take black pepper, wild orange and Purify.  I would normally take the On Guard + capsules and black pepper and wild orange are in it but when I made a capsule with just black pepper and wild orange, I could feel it working immediately.  But I was confused about the Purify.  Then the second morning I woke up, and normally I would be really bad on the second day of a cold but I felt much improved.  I was still a little sick but not nearly as bad – but then my face started itching really bad.  The same itching I had 7 months ago after most of our family had Impetigo.  I felt like I never really got rid of it.  Then I had the thought that maybe that’s why it said to take Purify.  I put it on the itching and it helped so much!  I couldn’t believe it.  I tried like 10 things on it last time before I could get it under control.  This time it cleared up almost immediately. Why didn’t I get the Zyto Scanner sooner?Zyto Compass Scanner Review - Quit Guessing What Essential Oils to Use
  • My son has bad dreams, anxiety and behavior issues.  We’ve tried all sorts of oils for it (probably too many all at the same time) and weren’t having a ton of luck with it.  His scan said to take thyme (which I’m assuming is for the parasites we were struggling to get rid of) and lavender.  We’ve had really good luck with the lavender and love it’s calming properties. Not to mention it’s way easier to only use one oil and we’re saving tons of money because it’s a lot less expensive than other oils we were using.

The Good and the Bad

  • The best part of it is that it’s so individual.  Take a tummy ache, for example.  It could be caused by so many different things and then even more treatment options. Where would a person even start?  Scans have revealed for my tummy aches to take Zendocrine, my husband to take ginger and my friend to take cinnamon.  All similar symptoms but a different solution to each problem.
  • It’s great because it tells you to take a certain oil and you don’t even have to know why. But the problem is that you don’t know what’s wrong.  You may wonder why you should take that oil, so it makes it harder to know how to use the oil. Take my Purify example up above.  Zyto actually makes a full scanner that tells you a lot more about what body systems are affected, what back joints are out, etc, etc. That would be so much better but it’s about $6,000. So I suggest just reading the Modern Essentials book under the oil it suggests to take and that will usually give you a big clue.  If it doesn’t, just keep an open mind about things. We’ve had the scan say we needed oils we didn’t know why and then a few days later it became very obvious why it said to take that oil.
  • The bad part is the cost. Yes, it’s not free. I don’t mind paying the $399 one-time cost but I hate monthly fees. I hate the $40 monthly fee but this is how I justify it:
  1. It can help me save a lot of money on oils that don’t work as well as ones that come up on my scan
  2. It does cost them money to update the software and keep it loaded with all the up-to-date information
  3. If you use it to scan people you are signing up or who are already under you, you will likely find oils that work really well for them and there will be a lot higher chance that they will continue to purchase the oils (think LRP) or to sign up – it worked for me!  Some IPCs even charge a small fee for those under them to use the scanner so that could definitely offset your costs.

I’ll let you read on their site how it actually works because I don’t really understand the science behind it. But I can tell you that it does work.  Here’s a video with a little overview for you:

The main thing I couldn’t find when researching is how often you should do a scan.  A lot of people say to only do it every month or two but we’ve been scanning a lot more than that because of acute problems. But a lot of our scans are returning the same thing consistently, so we’re getting to a point where we will start scanning less.  When  you do a scan, it actually changes your energy so you want to wait at least three days in between a scan so it will be accurate.

Interested in buying?  Click below to go to the Zyto Compass website and purchase one for yourself or learn more about it.

Compass Pricing

Zyto Compass Scanner Review - Quit Guessing What Essential Oils to Use

The Zyto Compass will work with all these companies but you have to purchase it separately for each one:

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  1. Jennifer B says

    I have never heard of the Zyto scanner! I will look into them for sure! I’ve been using doTerra oils since February and they have changed our lives! Thank you for your review~

  2. Dana S. says

    I’ve got to find someone in my area with one – I think it could help me with my son’s adhd issues.

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