How to Sell Essential Oils and Help Others Feel Awesome

Are you thinking you may want to sell essential oils? Well, you’ve come to the right place! I would love to have you on my team.

What Does Financial Freedom Mean to You?

To me, this means having the time and money to do what you want. Having time to spend with your family and friends and not being limited by money.

Doesn’t that sound AWESOME?

But isn’t that a privilege reserved for the privileged few in the world and doesn’t that require huge sacrifices?

It doesn’t have to. Thousands of members of my essential oil company are “living the dream” every day.

Is it your turn? Or are you scared? Scared that you will fail?

STOP being afraid and BELIEVE that it’s possible because IT IS!

When you sell essential oils you will help others feel great and experience a new level of wellness they didn’t think was possible. Help others AND make money. It’s a win-win.

Are You Sick of the “Rat Race?”

It takes a huge amount of trust and courage to admit that you hate your job and you’re ready to accept more in to your life. Even if you are successful at your job, are you really happy? Is your heart in it – or are you just working for your paycheck?

Life is too short to spend most of your waking hours doing something you HATE!

You have the right to choose how to spend your time and live the life you envision. If you don’t start now, it may never happen. You may get to the end of your life and realize you spent your whole life wishing it away.

How to Work from Home and Help Others Feel AwesomeStop wishing and start doing! Envision in your mind what loving your job and having financial freedom looks like to you. Imagine you are standing there and there is a huge wall in front of you. Now imagine yourself jumping up and grabbing the top and pulling yourself up and peeking over the fence. What does the other side of the fence look like?

Are you ready for how awesome it could be?

Do you believe it COULD happen?

Do you want it bad enough to do what it takes to make it happen?

Are you ready to change?

I sincerely believe that selling essential oils with the right company could be the solution for financial freedom for you!

But Aren’t Network Marketing Companies Bad?

A reputable MLM/Network Marketing company can be a win-win for everyone. Instead of MLM’s paying huge corporations millions of dollars to do their advertising, they pay normal people like you to advertise their products.

Doesn’t buying from an MLM mean the product costs more? NO! The company saves money on advertising, cuts out the middle men and people like you can make money for advertising their products – not some faceless corporation or TV station.

Aren’t MLM’s just out to make money? Of course. So is every business. Why else would they be in business? Every company is trying to make money. But instead of the money going to stores and advertising, the money goes in to the hands of normal people, like YOU! This empowers you to create home-based business opportunities.

Are there bad MLM’s out there? Sure. There always will be and you should stay away from those, of course. Pyramid schemes by definition mean you are paying money but not getting a real product. All Pyramid Schemes are MLM’s but not all MLM’s are Pyramid Schemes. Got it?

Network Marketing isn’t a “Real” Job

This is true. You don’t earn a certain dollar per hour. How is it different? First off, you need to fall in love with the product yourself and use the product often.

Next, you determine your income. You work as little or much as you want. You have to motivate yourself. You may have to go outside your comfort zone. It can be hard but first but after a while it starts snowballing and starts getting easier, and your paycheck gets bigger every time (if you’re actually working). No $ per hour job will allow you to make more money in every paycheck with unlimited income. After you have done the business for a while, you will realize how AWESOME residual income is.

You can make money while you are sleeping, playing with your children, going on a date, etc.

You can have a life! A really good life.

Why Sell Essential Oils?

Network marketing with my company can be a fantastic opportunity for anyone looking for supplemental income.  The essential oil business opportunity has the potential to be huge. Once you start using essential oils and realize how fantastic the products are and how much they help you and your family, it’s hard to not tell others about it.

I’ve looked in to several other direct selling opportunities and I like my essential oil company the best by far.  Here’s why:

  • The products fill a real need that people have and it feels good to be able to help other people.
  • The products actually work and are super-high quality.
  • The company itself is sound with no debt and high-quality founders.
  • It is in the HUGE and growing alternative health field.
  • You get your own website and can have people sign up and you don’t have to do it all in person (you don’t HAVE to have a party in your home, bug your friends or give a sales presentation to everyone before they start).
  • Residual Income – once you get someone to sign up under you, they stay under you and you earn bonuses off what they purchase for as long as they stay a customer.
  • The company itself is a great company and is growing VERY quickly.  They care about and support their community, employees and consultants.
  • There is a HUGE potential to make money if you can get a good team under you.  I know of a lot of people who make six figures doing this.  Of course, it’s not guaranteed.
  • I will support you. After you sign up under me email me at and tell me what $50 in free essential oils you want and tell me you are interested in selling essential oils. I will add you to my business builders email series. In this series I will e-mail you every few days telling you everything you need to know about building an essential oil business. I’ll teach you how to teach a class, what other resources are out there, how to sign up others online, how the compensation plan works, how to structure your organization and how to train others. I’m always adding new information to the training and I’m always here as a resource for you.

What Do Others Have to Say?

“I have been so blessed, signing up under Rebecca.  With all of the incentives offered through My Natural Family, I have been able to add so many more products. She does not only sell essential oils, she truly believes and helps you learn to take care of your family naturally.”    Thank You!! M D Chrisley, Christiansburg Va.

“I began my essential oils journey when I went home for Christmas 2013 and my sister shared her Wild Orange essential oil with me and I loved it. Rebecca has been such a blessing educating me on essential oils. Her communication skills are the best I’ve seen in years. I’m impressed on how quickly she responds to me, always responding with excellence. I never have to get frustrated in waiting for a response, or having to repeat my question to her. She is extremely thorough and responsive. I love her passion and continual efforts to forward practical information out to her team. I believe Rebecca wants the best for her family and wants to share her best with the world.  I am grateful our paths have crossed even though we are miles apart. I hope someday to meet up with her to give her thanks in person for changing my life and my family’s life for the better.” Cathy G.


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