Natural Solutions to Health Problems

Natural Solutions to Health Problems (hundreds of articles)As part of our family’s health journey, we have tried to focus on finding the root causes of our health problems, while treating the symptoms at the same time. We have been able to eliminate or greatly reduce all our health problems with natural solutions. We have written the following articles to try to help you discover the causes of your health problems.




  1. Pam M says

    This is a great resource. I love all the well organized lists. I have bookmarked this for use later. Thanks.

  2. Lynn mathieu says

    Thank you for this wonderful guide. i am always looking for natural ways to deal with my health issues,right now I am interested in the varicose veins and sunburn.

  3. Melanie E says

    I found your blog looking for diffuser reviews. My friend has the aroma -ace and I like it–never saw the other one. Hers appears to have steam blowing from it into the air and it goes all over her kitchen and living room area. I was shocked to know it has no water. It’s just oil in microfine atoms/molecules into the air. How cool is that?!

  4. Jen says

    LOVE this grouping! I was diagnosed 18 months ago with Lupus, after DECADES of mysterious symptoms, feeling like a hypochondriac, being unable to walk like an average person, etc. Cutting out grains, and opting for natural remidies has been a HUGE blessing for me. They work far better than “conventional medicine”.

  5. says

    I love the way you have this page set up and it certainly is a great resource. I use doTERRA Essential Oils everyday and they have helped me turn my health completely around. I start and end everyday with them and through out the day as well.

  6. Carolyn says

    I am really interested in the Zyto machine and hope to purchase it soon. I know the oils work but this makes it so much more effective!

  7. says

    I really need to et into some oils for my medical problems. I’ve been wanting to for a while but since I have so many medical issues, I never know if I should use Deep Blue, Pain, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, etc.I’m not certain if you can just apply them all and let them fight it out! :)

  8. Tamara Martinez says

    Thank you so much for all the wonderful information. I am fairly new to essential oils, but have been doing a lot of research in to natural remedies. I am so glad that i found your sight it had been very informative. I look forward to reading more information that your site provides.

  9. Rachael Patten says

    My goodness, there is so much here! I can’t wait to dig into some of these lists and learn more about how to incorporate essential oils into my life. I’ve started by replacing all of my old bath and body products with natural ones and loving the way I feel. Will be looking into these remedies to add to homemade products- two birds with one stone!

  10. Sarah says

    I’m trying the oils for my son’s seasonal allergies. I’ve tried everything else and they aren’t helping….so now I’m trying the oils. Bum sure hoping they work and give him some relief!

  11. Abby I says

    Thank you for posting all these remedies! unbelievable all the many ways we can heal ourselves with just a couple of EO’s!

  12. says

    This is definitely an article I will keep in my repertoire as we are adding more and more essential oils to our products. More than something with a nice scent, I like to be able to tell my customers more about why we are adding them, their benefits, and how they can be combined for a more powerful effect. Thanks so much for this post!

  13. Kristin says

    Would love to see some information on Multiple Sclerosis because I have heard the oils could help with that too! :)

  14. Kesha says

    This is Awesome and very helpful! Thank you so much! I have not read all of them, but the ones I have read are so insightful!

  15. Cassie Williams says

    I am beginning to do research on the use of essential oils for homeopathic treatment for stress and anxiety. This is such an awesome resource you’ve complied for me to reference!! Can you tell me, are there pre-mixed oils for certain ailments, or do you get the appropriate oils, and blend them yourself at home? Thanks!!!

  16. Kera Adams says

    Thank you for this complied list of natural solutions. I am always looking for natural ways to keep my family healthy.

  17. Colleen Maurina says

    We are starting to try more natural remedies for different ailments to keep us healthy in more earth friendly ways. I have heard great things about doTERRA!

  18. Christine Womack says

    This is fantastic information that is easily useful with the different oils. I especially like that the oils can be used for prevention of colds and flu during this season. There is a solution for everything from hair loss to warts.

  19. Dianna Thomas says

    Well as you can see I am back again for more information as things arise — I need this list and I have no printer so I”ll BE BACK–lol

  20. Staci says

    I am looking forward to starting with essential oils. I have heard so many positive things about them. I have bookmarked this page! Thank you!

  21. Dana says

    This is amazing! Thank you so much for all of these! I am always looking for help and how to use my oils for various different issues.

  22. Dianna Thomas says

    OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had no idea -with so many causes and effects—I can’t even figure out where to start because it is all related to many factors to myself not just my family– ok more reading– I’m gona be here a while–thanks–I think

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