doTERRA Essential Oils for Candida Albicans

doterra-essential-oils-for-candida-albicans-MNFdoTERRA essential oils can help support your body’s ability to fight Candida. Below are a list of suggestions of doTERRA essential oils for Candida Albicans. If you don’t know what candiasis is, it’s causes and symptoms, you need to read this first.


If you have a problem with candidiasis coming back over and over, like me, you probably need to first do a heavy metal detox cleanse.

Lifestyle Changes

Drink about a gallon of water a day.  Add a drop of lemon oil to each glass of water as you drink throughout the day to help get rid of toxins.

No sugars, wheat, dairy, pastas, rice, potatoes (only sweet potatoes after 2 weeks but eat sparingly), no sugar substitutes, limit your intake of fruits, no cheese, no vinegar or dressings containing vinegar, no mushrooms.Candida Got You Down?  doTERRA Candida Albicans Treatment - #candida #yeast #fungus #doterra

Exercise regularly to get more oxygen.

Get plenty of rest and reduce stress.  You can use soothing oils such as Lavender, Balance, and Serenity to alleviate stress.


  • doTERRA GX Assist 3x a day for 10 days – this includes Oregano Essential Oil.  I like it because it’s in a pill so it’s a lot easier to take since oregano oil is so strong and you can’t drink it undiluted.
  • Then doTERRA PB Assist for 5 days straight 3x a day. PB Assist helps to restore the healthy bacteria to our bodies.

Repeat the above monthly and continually take:

  • doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack – These vitamins are amazing and have a tummy taming blend for all the digestive issues related with candida.

Essential Oils

Most beneficial – 3 drops each of Rosemary, Cassia and Lemon in a capsule 3 times a day.

Consider – Clove, Lemongrass, Slim & Sassy, and Melaleuca  2-3 drops of each of these oils 2x a day.

Zendocrine - cleans the toxins from your liver and kidneys, manages the die-off symptoms and gets rid of the yeast.

Terrazyme - weakens the outer wall of the yeast and digests it as it dies off reducing the die-off symptoms.  Take one before meals as well as one in the morning and one before bed on an empty stomach.

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Have you been waiting to join doTERRA at wholesale cost? Here is your opportunity! If you enroll in December with a 200 PV + order, you get a free Frankincense. That is a $93 value! There is no further obligation.

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    1. JacQue says

      I have been on the LLV for 17 days & on the 15th started the gx assist. I did a self at home test for candida over growth & have been told in the past I “may” have an overgrowth but no real follow through from doctors. So I am here trying this out. First day on gx I got sick. I only get to take 2 gx assist through out the day before I start to feel icky. Please let me know some suggestions. Also I struggle with being severely underweight and this candidis diet is hard for me. I weigh 85 lbs. I have eliminated caffeine weeks before I started the GX & atleast a week before LLV.. I bought a bunch of quinoa and quinoa spaghetti and elbows, Alfredo sauce (although this is the first I am hearing about no dairy). Advice would be greatly appreciated.

      • says

        Sorry it’s taken so long to get back to you. If the GX Assist make you feel bad, it’s probably because you need them really bad but you’re probably heavily detoxing. I would keep way back on them so ou don’t feel bad, like one a day and work your way up to a full dose. Drink lots of water too to help flush out toxins.

    2. Tara says

      Love this! Thank you for posting!! I’ve been battling candida for 30 years, and just the strict candida diet wasn’t enough! I started the gx assist, and within 5 days my eczema was almost GONE! I’ve tried everything on it, and nothing has worked! Until NOW!!!! I’m so thankful for this product!

    3. Amber Burris says

      Great blog post about yeast!! I’m about to do a yeast cleanse in February using our great supplements and oils ;)

    4. Nichole says

      Which zendocrine would be best while doing the cleanse. The capsules or the oil? I plan to do the terrazyme as well. I plan to do the gx assist first and then the pb assist. When would I do the zendocrine and terrazyme???

      • says

        Personally, I think the capsules are easier but the capsules and the oils have completely different ingredients. The capsules don’t have any oils but they supposedly do about the same thing but I haven’t really noticed much by taking them. I don’t take the oils but my husband does and likes them. So in this case I would say you will probably like the oils better. I do take the Terrazyme with each meal and recommend those. I’m not really sure what to tell you about the order. I would take the Terrazyme at first because you always want enzymes then maybe wait a few days and see if you can tell a difference after taking them. Then add in the GX Assist, replace with PB Assist then maybe do the Zendocrine after that? You’ll have to do some experimenting on your own. I did also recently find a facebook group about doTERRA and some of them have a lot more experience than I do so that could be a good place to ask:

    5. Jennifer says

      Thank you for posting this information. I stumbled upon your blog as I was researching oils for Candida. And what fun to find a fellow Monticello alumni!

      • says

        I would say for the most part it is. There are just a few essential oils you would want to avoid during breast feeding. I know first-hand that oregano oil is not good when breast feeding since it’s so strong. You would want to check the Modern Essentials book for more details.

          • says

            That is true for normal essential oils but it’s fine for doTERRA Essentials oils. I’ve been doing it for a year and feel great. There is a chart you have to read and there are a few you shouldn’t inject but most of them you can. Some of them are strong so you want to put them in a capsule but it’s my favorite way to use the oils!

    6. Raquel says

      I have been doing the cleanse for 1 week what are the side affects of the cleanse? Anything to look for does it get better before it gets worse? Just curious if its similar to other cleanses

      • says

        You may experience a headache at the front of your head, be tired or your stomach may hurt. You may feel nothing at all. You may crave sweets worse than normal. After a week or two, it starts to wear off and you should feel a lot better. Things to help cleanse symptoms are drinking lots of water, exercising and detoxing with something like a clay bath or taking Redmond clay pills.

      • says

        It just depends on how strict you want to be but on strict Candida diets you should eat no sugar in any form, natural or not. Ie, you’re not supposed to eat fruit and it’s natural. The yeast doesn’t care if it’s natural or not. Now, in practice you may find a diet diet too hard to handle. Personally, I have a lot of self-control but I can’t go more than a month or two on the diet. It’s just way too hard. Now that I’m on a maintenance program, I just do my best to eat only natural sugar and only a little and take my supplements really good. It totally depends on the person. What they really recommend is being super-strict for like a week and then slowly add things back and see how you feel and then you’ll know if you need to stay on the strict diet or can start loosening up. Hope this helps . . .

    7. says

      I am getting ready to do a cleanse with my daughter who has been diagnosed with severe candida. I see recommendations which alter the GX dose for children up to 5 years old but nothing about children from 6-12 years of age. She is 9, so I’m wondering if we simply go about the cleanse as if she were an adult or what dosage adjustments should be made.

      Thank you for your help!

      • Rebecca says

        Personally I would think that the adult dose is fine. I sometimes go 3 times over the adult dose and do fine. I’d say the most important thing about a Candida Cleanse is to keep surprising it, rotate through the supplements and don’t give up because it’s not easy and takes a long time (but it’s totally worth it).

    8. Tami s says

      I ish I had the willpower to change my diet so radically, but I don’t. I never heard of lemongrass for candida

      • says

        I haven’t had time to update this post yet but I’m having good success treating my Candiasis with NAET, hopefully for good, and you only have to do this diet for one day. I encourage you to look in to it and see if there is a NAET practitioner in your area.

    9. Tammy Scates says

      Interesting…I think my son has a problem with this, but getting him to stop sugar and cut out pasta will take a miracle.


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