A Heavy Metal Cleanse with doTERRA Essential Oils

A Heavy Metal Cleanse with doTERRA Essential Oils - MyNaturalFamily.com #doterra #cleanseHeavy metal poisoning is far more common than you may think.  You can get it from mercury tooth fillings, immunization shots, poor environmental factors, and I’m sure in many other places.  But a heavy metal cleanse can take a very long time.  Since I have this problem, I’ve had really good luck with taking some doTERRA Essential oils as my primary heavy metal detox.  Here are some suggestions: Since I already take several oils twice a day in a glass of water, I add these oils to my “mix”:

4 drops of doTERRA Cilantro oil 2 times a day

2 drops of doTERRA Cypress oil 2 times a day


Some other heavy metal detox advice from others:

Dr. Hill’s (from doTERRA) formula to get rid of heavy metals – a gel cap 2x a day filled with a couple of drops each of cinnamon, clove, cassia and oregano.

“Supplements helpful in the detoxification process include: cilantro, Vitamin C, selenium, garlic and others. Eating a clean diet, free of pesticides and A Heavy Metal Cleanse with doTERRA Essential Oils - MyNaturalFamily.com #doterra #cleansehormones, is a must for a detoxification program. I encourage my patients to eat whole foods, with adequate amounts of protein. Eliminating the “whites”– refined sugar, refined flour, and refined salt will help any health condition and help any detoxification program. The glycemic index of carbohydrates can be a helpful guide on which carbohydrates to eat and which to avoid.” – The Miracle of Natural Hormones by David Brownstein


Dr. Susan Lawton offered this advice for chelating (whisking away) HEAVY METALS: Put these drops in a roller bottle and apply to Eustacian Tubes and neck in downward motion:

  1. Frankincense (4 drops) — breaks down alien matter and helps A Heavy Metal Cleanse with doTERRA Essential Oils - MyNaturalFamily.com #doterra #cleansebody remember to be whole/perfect
  2. Helichrysum (5 drops) — facilitators for fluid balance
  3. Cypress (3 drops) — clears it all away
  4. Lavender (3 drops) — soother





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  1. Heidi says

    Hi Rebecca,
    I read that some clay baths have metals in them but from studying the LL Clay baths it says they have trace of aluminum. I know that I have mercury poisoning so do you suggest still using the LL magnetic clay bath or the one that says mercury on it. I sure would like your help! And if you called me I would love that. Heidi 801 766-9988

    • Rebecca says

      I actually just switch around to different ones, depending on the price and my mood. I don’t think you can go wrong either way.

  2. Carrie Y. says

    Thank you for your website – I’m new to doTERRA and am very happy to find so many detailed protocols on your website. Two quick questions. Can detoxing heavy metals with essential oils be just as effective as chelation? I know if something isn’t a strong enough chelator it will just pull the metals out of the tissues and into the bloodstream but won’t be strong enough to pull them out of the body. Any studies indicating that essential oils work just as well as chelation at pulling metals all the way out of the body?

    Also, the oils referenced here, do they all work for all heavy metals? Or do some target specific metals only? Looking for ones that will be best for mercury, alumunium, and arsenic. Thank you!

    • Rebecca says

      Personally, I haven’t tried chelation myself because I’ve read all sorts of things about how it’s not good for you, like how it strips all the minerals out of your body, unbalances you, can be toxic, takes a long time and all sorts of things like that. But, I’ve had really good luck with a combination of clay baths, clay pills, cilantro and cypress essential oils. So, I would say it’s more effective because it only removes the bad metals. Further, this article should help answer the rest of your questions – http://essentialalchemist.com/doterras-cilantro-essential-oil

  3. Liz says

    Hi, I have a friend who recently under went a test which revealed high levels of arsenic in her system ie 20 normal is 3. She also has mercury poisoning. Would the oils mentioned above help to reduce her levels? What protocol would u suggest? Thank u x

  4. Vanessa says

    My 2 year old daughter became “caught up”on her vaccinations just before Christmas. (I never wanted to take her but felt somewhat pressured to do so.) She is now experiencing shakiness and occasional spasms-mostly noticeable while she’s sleeping. I’ve been told it could possibly be caused by heavy metals in the dtap shots. Would the cilantro and cypress oils work for a 2-year-old? If so, you wrote that taking them topically may not get them in the blood stream where they need to go…any suggestions on how I can get her to drink them and would she get the same dose that you suggested in your post?

  5. anon says

    Lead levels, without any help other then removal of outside factors, go down two points a month, so it is pretty slow. I take my daughter to a doctors appointment early next month. If by then, the lead levels have come down significantly, then I’ll know these oils work, and I’ll stock up.

  6. anon says

    My daughter acts severely autistic, but my husband insists it is only lead poisoning. She tested at a 15 on a lead test a few years ago. It eventually went down, and we cleaned out her room of anything we thought was causing it. It went down to a 4, and stayed there for months. She started acting up again more then usual, and the retest came back as a 9. We’ve been told several things, that 1: She may have gotten MORE poisoning, or 2: it may just be old lead pulling from her bones into her blood stream. I’ve tried everything with her, including a glutein free diet, which I later learned, probably hindered her lead cleanse. Unfortunately, it’s like choosing between the least of two evils, because with gluten, her skin itching and rashes are coming back. (Unfortunately, hubby just won’t listen to any kind of reason, and literally accuses me of trying to kill her. He ridicules ANYTHING that isn’t his idea.)
    A woman we know who sells doterra oils contacted us and told us to twice daily put drops of cilantro, cypress, and frankincense on her heels. It has been almost two weeks, with no real noticable improvement. Can anyone tell me if this truly works, and should I have any reasonable hope that this will significantly help her?

  7. Vicki says

    Cilantro oil does not seem to be available in Australia – would coriander oil be a reasonable substitute?

    • says

      I’m pretty sure they aren’t the same thing and do totally different things. Coriander is the top of the plant. Maybe you could try calling doTERRA to make sure it’s not available there? I know here in the U.S. when you used the old form it had a weird symbol and was near the top of the drop-down menu for some reason . . .

    • says

      I’ve found Zendocrine to be a good over-all cleaner but these oils specifically target the heavy metals so they would probably be better in this case.

    • says

      Oh, it totally depends. I could notice a different right away. I read that someone did it in about a month, which is really good considering it can take years with other methods. The reason I can’t say for sure is I’ve just done it based on how I feel. I never actually went and got tested to see how I was progressing. I think I used about two bottles of Cilantro and then stopped.

    • anon says

      The woman who is helping me with my daughter said that we should start noticing something in about two to four weeks. HOWEVER, for every year she had lead poisoning, it would take a month. In other words, a month for every year. So in our case, she’s had lead poisoning for about four years, it will take a minimum of four months.

  8. says

    Thank you so much for your post! We are currently using a frankincense, helichrysum, and cypress blend on my daughter who had reached toxic lead levels from an old home we were living in. Waiting on the results of her next lead test after using this treatment and anxious as can be!


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