How to Get Rid of Parasites Naturally with doTERRA Essential Oils

doTERRA Essential Oils for Parasites - #doterra #parasites
Are you wondering how to get rid of parasites naturally?  Try a natural parasite cleanse with doTERRA essential oils.  These are very strong oils and you should definitely notice results.

The best doTERRA essential oils for parasite treatmentdoTERRA Essential Oils for Parasites - #doterra #parasites

doTERRA Essential Oils for Parasites - #doterra #parasitesOregano oil  burns like crazy so the only way you want to take it is in a capsule.  Either put the three oils in a capsule yourself – or buy GX Assist capsules that have oregano, lemon and a bunch of other good oils in them and then put a few drops of Digest Zen in your water with each meal.

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  1. Connie Lindsey says

    My daughter is 12, 105 lbs. She has been diagnosed with a parasite, and has a tight
    squeezing in her tummy every day. It is hard for her to concentrate because of this.
    I do have lemon oil and clove. Can I put these in capsules to help her? I have been
    rubbing clove on her feet, but would capsules 3 times a day be much better? How
    many drops?

    • says

      Capsules are much better with parasites but are also a lot harder to get down. I would do 2 drops – or just get GX Assist cause they are already made and ready to go.

  2. Jolene Robbins says

    I have another question. My Rheumatoid Arthritis does quite well as long as I get proper nutrition and enough sleep. However, when I use my hands to play piano, hold a baby, or make crafts like sanding and painting wood, they really swell up and hurt. Do you think the Deep Blue would help them?

  3. Jolene Robbins says

    I have to be very careful about how much fat I eat because of gall bladder issues, and my stomach lining was destroyed many years ago when I took naprosyn (now Alleve) for rheumatoid arthritis. (I started using natural medicine and rarely have problems with it today!) My kidneys sometimes struggle, and I weigh less than 105. Do you know, first of all, if that much oil could harm my gallbladder, kidneys, or stomach? Second, would you suggest that someone my size take that much?

  4. says

    I have been battling parasites for years, I got a very big load at one time, and have been on the offensive ever since.

    I have just found doTERRA … I am so happy that I did!!

  5. Stephanie W. says

    Hi Rebecca,How many drops of each (oregano, digestzen and lemon) would you put in each capsule? Do you still recommend the pbassist after taking the self made capsules for 10 days? Could I do 10 days on 5 days off 10 days on? I’m battling a pinworm infection the px I got from the doctor did nothing for me. Thank you!!

    • says

      I would put 3 drops of each oils in a capsule. Yes, the PB Assist after is a good idea to re-populate all that the oregano oil may kill. I have heard of people with parasites hitting it really hard like you mention and having good results. Personally, I would concentrate on hitting it really hard around the full moon and new moon times cause that’s when they are most active and when you have the best chance of killing as many as possible. It’s also when they lay their eggs. Lots of calendars have the moon phases on. It’s about every two weeks and I would take it about 3 days before and 3 days after.

      • Sarah says

        My son has a parasite and is following his naturopaths protocol right now, but after reading about the parasite he has, it’s apparently common for family members to have it as well since a tapeworm normally comes from meat.

        I’m planning on doing the EO cleanse for myself. With 3 drops of each EO, how many times a day do you take it?

  6. samanha devroom says

    i think my toddler might have some. but i only have lemon and digestzen, no oragano. but we will giveit a try.

  7. md kennedy says

    Good to know! Not sure if these oils will help for salmonella, but my husband just got over a nasty bout (2 days in the hospital!) and is now recuperating at home. Seems to be taking him forever as he is SOOOO tired all the time. I will give them a try!

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