It’s Time to Stop Making Excuses. It’s Time to Take Charge of Your Health.

Step by Step Instructions on how to take charge of your health and fix the causes of your health problems. -

I dare you to take charge of your health and your health issues! …to quit making excuses for yourself and stop taking excuses from doctors. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and ignoring your health problems.


Because after God, there is nothing more important than your health.

I firmly believe there is a solution to all health problems out there but you have to want them bad – really bad sometimes. You have to be willing to dig deep and dig through the layers until you get to the real causes of the problem. You need to focus on the cause, not the symptom, and not be afraid of what you find. God has placed solutions all around us that we only need to find and figure out – and find what works best for us.

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Wondering how to take control of your health?

Fix the CAUSES of Health Problems

And here’s how . . .

This is a health protocol I’ve developed over the years and focuses on the causes of most health problems.  If you are not healthy, follow these step-by-step instructions and you will feel better than  you’ve felt in years.  Don’t skip any of the steps.

Healthy Living

Eat Well – Treat food as medicine.  I talk about what that means to me in this article

Sleep – You know you need more sleep so just do it

Exercise – Of course.  If you need some motivation, check out these articles.

Trust in God and be honest with yourself.  Follow a religion or some sort of belief system.  It will help you feel whole as a person and that will always help you be healthier and happier.  God can also guide you to know how to fix your health problems.  I know he did for me.

Supplements I Recommend for Everyone:

doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack – this has a really high quality fish oil, which can help so many problems.  Plus it has some high quality vitamins and minerals to help with your overall health

doTERRA Terrazyme – everyone who eats cooked and/or processed food should take a digestive enzyme. Click on the link to learn more about the benefits of digestive enzymes.

doTERRA PB Assist+ – helps your digestive system run smoothly and helps keep things like yeast under control.


Look on this page and find your specific symptoms and focus on fixing the causes of the symptoms.  This list is not comprehensive.  You may have to do some searching to find the cause of your symptoms.

Since it is almost impossible to find the real causes of your symptoms and fix the cause on your own, I recommend you get some help.  I recommend you go to someone that will help you find the cause of your symptoms.  This is usually not an M.D.  The first place I would recommend you try is a NAET practitioner.  There are like 3,000 around the country.  You can go in for a half hour visit and come out knowing a whole bunch of the causes of your health problems and can be treated for the first cause right then and there.  If a NAET practitioner isn’t an option, find a good naturopathic or homeopathic doctor or chiropractor that focuses on the cause of health issues.


Why don’t you cleanse first?  Your five elimination organs are like filters to your body.  If you clean out the filter without fixing what is putting all the gunk in there in the first place, you’ll never get ahead.  Your “filter” will always be clogged.  If you fix the cause of your health problems and eat right, you won’t need to clean out your “filters” nearly as much.

When you do a NAET treatment for something like yeast, your body is strong to it and can fight it better but that doesn’t mean you actually are rid of it.  So you have to do a total body cleanse.  You need to first replace your silver fillings if you suspect that heavy metal poisoning is a problem for you.  Then you need to kill the yeast, parasites & viruses. Don’t know if you have parasites or a yeast overgrowth?  Unless you are in great health, I bet you do.

Kill the Parasites

Pick one or several of these treatments (you will probably find it beneficial to rotate between them if you think the parasites are resistant.  There is less chance of this with the Dr. Clark cleanse because you take a mega dose once a week).  I have them listed in the order that they worked for me:

Dr. Clark Parasite Cleanse

doTERRA Essential Oils for Parasites

Berbercap – helps with Candida, Parasites and Viruses.  Work up to 3 capsules 3 times a day

Para Microcidin – helps with Candida, Parasites and Viruses.  work up to 2 capsules 3 times a day

Kill the Candida Albicans Overgrowth

The complete Candida treatment is here

Dr. Hulda Clark Liver Cleanse

It is so not fun but so worth it.  There’s too much for me to explain it on this blog without just copying information from other sources.  The cleanse is originally in the book A Cure of All Diseases.  We’ve had really good luck doing liver cleanses this way.  It’s amazing how much better you feel after cleaning out your gallstones from your liver.  You need to do the parasite and candida cleanses first or the liver cleanse won’t work properly.  The original recipe is here, along with comments.  Changes we made to the original recipe include buying Epsom Salt pills (sooo much better than drinking it from a glass) and using oxygen pills on the second morning to make sure our colon gets all cleaned out.  If you prefer, you can buy a kit with everything you need, including instructions.


If you have die-off symptoms, I’ve found Redmond Clay Daily Detox pills to help the most

If you’re still struggling killing the parasites and/or yeast, consider the AutoZap

Repair and Maintain

Keep doing all the healthy living suggestions above and cleanse every so often as you start to feel you’re not in top shape.

If you’ve had Candida and Parasite problems, they both ruin your gut by eating holes in it, leaving mold on it, etc. so you need to repair your gut so you don’t have to re-do your NAET treatments and cleanses.  I’ve found Nutri West Total Leaky Gut to be excellent at repairing your leaky gut.



  1. Dawn Diamantopoulos says

    I have just started treating my son’s autism with EOs – we have been doing biomed for years, and I feel this fits in well with that find the cause and fix it approach. I have been amazed at the things I have seen in my family from using the EOs and wondered if my friend’s RA could be helped. I was heartened to read some of your blog posts about it. The detoxing though – is something I think we all need/

  2. Dody says

    Rebecca, I have been trying to treat myself for yeast overgrowth, i have all the symptoms, plus Im allergic to cats, and pollen, add to the fact that I am 54 years old and have gone thru menopause, which i have learned has some of the same symptoms as yeast albicans, itching and etc. I want to see if doTerra products will help me, I just dont know where to start, I already take a PB every morning, 80 billion. Do you have any suggests. Should I start with your list. Im also concerned with my estrogen levels. Any suggestions would be much appreciated! Thank you Rebecca.

  3. says

    Thank You for this post! I have been ill for a very long time and the doctors are beginning to give up but if this happens, I can not survive for my body is failing in many ways. I pray often that God will show me what I need to see and give me the strength and courage to do all I need to get healthy. I do believe I have found you for a reason and I hope I can find some answers here. I have been looking outside the medical profession for it is obvious I don’t have good insurance and live in a place where doctors are not as well informed as they may be in large cities, etc… I have been dong a lot of research and learning natural healing can help me a lot.

    • says

      So good to hear from you. Do you mind my asking what kind of illness you have and then maybe I can point you in the direction of somewhere to start?

  4. says

    As another commenter above mentioned, I also have Hashimoto’s autoimmune disorder of the thyroid, as well as a couple other autoimmune disorders. I have had a lot of success with managing it through eating the right things and I’m just now getting into the doterra oils. I’m not really sure where to start though. I mostly need pain relief but it’s widespread pain. A drop of oil here and there won’t do a lot I’m afraid. What are some other methods I can use for pain relief, and what specific oils?

  5. Tammy Brouwer says

    I’m new EO and found your blog informative. I look forward to reading more as I discover EOs.

  6. Kelly O'M says

    Thanks for posting this. Such great ideas. I agree; trust in God can put things in such great perspective. It is hard to focus on good health. The alternative ideas is good. Thanks.

  7. Leigh Anne says

    I try so hard to be healthier but it is very difficult to switch to the healthy foods when everything good for you is SO expensive!

    • says

      For sure! But, A lot of people say it saves them a lot of money on health costs and plus, convenience foods are really expensive. It’s all a matter of priority.

  8. Terrie Swanson says

    I’m glad for this article. I have been doing the exercise excuse for a long time. To see my health put up there with God kinda puts it in perspective. I know that I just need to do it but that’s hard and so when I see how you have a plan and it’s laid out, it doesn’t seem like it’s a hurdle but a journey. I think I can do this and I appreciate the writing you have posted here. It all makes sense.

  9. Kristin says

    Great step by step information. It’s hard to take the plunge and make all the changes I know my family needs to make. This helps a lot to simplify the process. Thanks!

  10. Valerie Carpenter says

    I was searching for natural treatments for eczema and came across this blog. SO glad that I did. I will be coming here more often. You have so much usual information. Keep it coming!

  11. says

    Hi, I’m from Australia and very recently found my way to your blog/web site. There is such a lot of information to wade through about healthy living and eating. I truly believe the ‘simpler the better’ is easier to adapt into everyday life. I have been living and often attempting to live a cleaner life. It’s a day to day journey, not always easy, but very necessary.
    I look forward to reading my way around all your information.

  12. says

    That’s is a lot of great helpful information. I need to get my body in shape, but my funds won’t allow me to purchase all the ingredients I need. I bet you feel darn good after a good cleanse. Thanks for the information.

  13. Kelly says

    I’m really inspired, and this website is such a huge source of support! Thank you for the informations!

  14. Dianna Thomas says

    Well just letting you know with your help we have gotten a great start in changing our life style mainly for my Katelynn. She is starting to trim down alot. The recipes I have found on your site have helped a lot– As you suggested starting with the small baby step,and working with my whole family has helped a lot. We are finding that it was best for us all to make the changes– of course, now we are looking at others in this little family that have similar problems, and the change is starting to make a difference for all. I sometimes wonder, how we even were existing up until now. So you deserve a great Big Thank You, and all the appreciation for helping our family– Yes it is a lot to grasp at first, but its way ok when it makes a difference.

  15. Natelie says

    OMG! I just found your site. It has so much I looking for. I just received my doTerra family physician kit and I started Paleo at the beginning of February. I look forward to reading your blog, experiencing doTerra and sticking to Paleo (fingers crossed). Thank you for your blog.

  16. says

    FABULOUS!!!!! I have been eating healthy and using natural supplements and EOs but reading this article lets me know I need to do a parasite cleanse! I didn’t know that I had any but apparently, I probably do! Thanks!

  17. Suzanne says

    I will check into the alternative doctors for my husband. He’s been having problems for awhile but drs are just dealing with symptoms and it’s getting frustrating.

  18. Jackie says

    I am loving all the great information you are giving! I have changed my entire lifestyle, but still struggle with my husband and daughter so I find myself trying to find any and all tips and tricks! Thank you!

  19. Jil Elam says

    Thank you so much Rebecca, I am ready to be more healthy and happy. Looking for energy and pain relief to be a better temple of the Holy Spirit, and I believe I have found someone to help. Thank you.

  20. Becky Stiles says

    I was reading about NAET. I tried a practitioner several years ago but the distance was too much as well as the cost. I have fibro (constant headaches, neck pain, fatigue)’ bv/yeast inf., ibs, acid reflux, itchy, dry skin, chemically sensitive, many allergies including cats, pollen, gluten sensitive so on a gluten free diet.

    I read that you recommended reading about “my allergy kit” to another reader. It sounds great since my whole family has many allergies including many foods. My only concern is that I was wondering if you have really bad symptoms after using the vial and laser. Do you know anyone using this kit that could give their thoughts or experiences on this topic? I read reviews on their website but not sure if there unbiased. My daughter breaks out with hives and has breathing issues when around cat dander and certain foods so don’t want to cause her to have these really bad symptoms.

    Thanks so much

    • says

      I haven’t actually tried the allergy kit myself but I do know with NAET that we didn’t get symptoms like that after the treatment but when we would re-introduce the foods for the first few uses we would feel really tired after as our bodies were used to releasing anti-bodies so she may experience something like that. One thing I’ve discovered since NAET that I haven’t written much about yet is the GAPS diet. I’ve had really good luck healing my gut with it to help the first part of allergies. You can read more about what I mean here:

  21. Marcia Lee says

    Thank you for your post. I am looking for help with restless leg syndrome and I think essential oils could help.

  22. says

    Thank you for this. I have been looking for tips to improve the health of my two chronically ill children. I also struggle with soda and junk food addiction. I don’t drink or smoke, and I tend to use soda and chocolate as a vice.

  23. Toni Bussell says

    Thanks so much for posting this great information! I am at my wit’s end struggling with the auto-immune disease Hashimoto’s, along with Fibromyalgia, and hives. I am on a myriad of medications and I am only getting worse. My husband and I want to start weaning me off these meds and try the holistic route using doTERRA oils, along with fine-tuning my diet and starting an exercise routine. I just love your site and I will be getting back to you before December 31st to sign up as a Consultant and take advantage of this month’s great offer! Thank you!!!

  24. Amy D says

    Thanks for taking the time to share your findings with the rest of us! I am a reforming fast-food junkie and appreciate all of your information and recipes. Thanks & God Bless!! :)

  25. geekbearinggifts says

    I’m thinking my first step should be to just go to bed at a decent hour every night, because I know I am really sleep deprived most of the time. Thanks for your insights!

  26. MCGmandy says

    I hope since I follow all of this my body will reap the rewards soon…Doctors cannot find reasons to my food triggers, or my lack of ability to lose any weight….kind of frustrating

  27. Sherri Lewis says

    After a couple of years of expensive medicines to treat my fibromyalgia I am starting to work on a healthier and more natural lifestyle. I am hoping to see some improvement in my health soon….

    • says

      Hooray! You can do it. I know you can! I’ve heard that Fibromyalgia patients almost always have a sulfur toxicity. The only way I know how to detox the sulfur is with custom homeopathic drops. You would need to find a good natural doctor to help you with this. It worked for my husband – this is what was causing him to be infertile several years ago. I also bet that NAET could help with it a lot. Good luck in your search for health!

  28. Dianna Thomas says

    I feel like you are a support system for me at the moment–this is something we have been trying to work on it–and of course reading anything I can–this is gona help–thank you for the information

    • says

      Thanks for all your nice comments. It makes all the work I’ve done to get this information out there worth it to know that I am helping someone. I know it’s a TON of information to digest all at once. Just start somewhere and make one change at a time. Please let me know if you have any questions!

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