I feel so blessed that my blog connects me to amazing people around the world! I wish I had time to answer everyone’s questions, but I currently juggle this blog, 4 children and a husband, healing my body, and the rest of life. I am not able to answer most health questions over email.  You may ask me and if I feel your question will help others, I will write an article about it but that will take a while.  For other health questions, I will try to answer your questions but I’m not guaranteeing how long it will take for me to answer, if ever.

If you have doTERRA Essential Oil specific questions about how to use the products, there are many doTERRA resources on this page.  I especially recommend this doTERRA facebook group.

Email me with any questions you have or fill out the form below. We would be happy to help you.

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  1. Vonda K. Ponder says

    I would like to become an Independent Consultant, I don’t want to have to sell to anyone but myself. I would like to order specific products to start and the large diffuser. Is this possible?



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