Easy Lemon Herb Chicken Recipe

Lemon Herb Chicken

This easy chicken recipe comes together in only half an hour and has a simple, light sauce that even picky eaters love. It’s perfect for a last-minute weeknight dinner.




  1. Pound the chicken until it is fairly flat and there are not any thicker portions.
  2. Salt and pepper the chicken.
  3. Heat a large skillet to medium high heat.
  4. Place chicken and 1/4 cup lemon juice in skillet and cook on each side for about 5 minutes. Check to make sure it is cooked through.
  5. Remove chicken from skillet and add the butter and onions.
  6. Saute the onions until soft and translucent.
  7. Add the garlic and saute for about 30 seconds.
  8. Add the chicken broth, 2 Tbsp lemon juice, thyme and basil.
  9. Add the chicken back in then allow it to simmer until the chicken broth is reduced by half (approx. 10 minutes).
  10. Spoon the lemon herb sauce over the top.
  11. Serve. Garnish with fresh basil.

Keywords: Easy, Light, Saucy