Caramelized Banana Pecan Paleo Ice Cream Recipe

This Caramelized Banana Pecan Paleo Ice Cream Recipe only has 4 ingredients - Bananas, butter, coconut milk and pecans. All you need is a freezer and a blender.

Today we have a delicious recipe for you! That’s right Paleo – ICE CREAM recipe with only 4 ingredients and sugar is NOT one of them! We present to you acaramelized banana pecan paleo ice cream blender recipe! Now – how can it get any better than that? My waist line sure does like to store a lot of sugar from all that ice cream I consume – but no more! I can enjoy ice cream without all that sugar! Nothing tastes better than natural flavors packed together to create a chilling comfort food! I purposely created this recipe without any sort of sweetener, except from the bananas. Really, this recipe is all about technique. If you haven’t tried brown butter before, then this is the recipe for you to try it on. It tastes nutty and has deep flavor – you may even call it “carmelized.”

I have a couple of notes for you that might help you enjoy this treat more, depends on preference. The more ripe your bananas are, the sweeter the ice cream will end up being. Also it is important to note that you should be using canned coconut milk and not the coconut milk that is found in the refrigerated cartons. It will affect the creaminess and overall texture of the ice cream. Do you have any more tips to make this ice cream even better?

I don’t know about you, but ice cream is by far my biggest weakness! I love it so much! I would not be the cookie monster but ice cream monster!!!

Time to make some delicious ice cream! I hope you enjoy this Paleo ice cream recipe! Leave your feedback in the comments!

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Caramelized Banana Pecan Paleo Ice Cream Recipe
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A paleo ice cream recipe that only has 4 ingredients. It is a healthy version of a classic dessert treat. It is creamy with caramelized bananas and pecans.
Recipe type: Paleo
Serves: 4
  1. Slice 2 of the bananas and place the slices in a sealed bag or container in the freezer overnight, or for at least 8 hours.
  2. Slice the remaining 2 bananas into rounds at least ½" thick.
  3. Melt the butter in a saute pan over medium/high heat until the butter begins to foam and turn very lightly brown.
  4. Place the banana slices in the saute pan with the butter and cook until the bottoms turn golden brown.
  5. Flip slices over and brown on the other side.
  6. Transfer the caramelized bananas and butter to a container or thick ziploc bag(use a rubber spatula to scrape all the butter and browned bits in as well) and freeze for 8 hours or overnight.
  7. Place the frozen bananas(both the caramelized and the un-caramelized)in a high-speed blender like a vitamix. A food processor would work, as well.
  8. Break up any large, stuck together pieces as best you can.
  9. Pulse the frozen bananas until they start to look like very large bread crumbs.
  10. Add the coconut milk and blend.
  11. You may have to scrape down the sides and press the banana crumbles down into the center a few times.
  12. Blend until very smooth.
  13. Mixture will be thick like soft-serve ice cream.
  14. Add the pecans to the ice cream and mix in with a rubber spatula.
  15. Scoop into dishes and serve immediately.

Coconut Milk Ice Cream2

Coconut Milk Ice Cream3

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  1. jen says

    This sounds fantastic! I can’t wait to give it a try. Do you think ghee would substitute the butter well? I’m trying to avoid butter too!

    • Rebecca says

      It will change the flavor of the ice cream so perhaps give it a try and see if it is what you are looking for. Let us know how it works out if you choose to do so.

  2. Mariola says

    This is absolutely amazing!!!
    Thank you so much for sharing this recipe with us. I have a sweet tooth (like you wouldn’t believe) and ever since my daughter was born (17 months ago)I’m doing everything in my power to cut my chocolates and sugar so we all getting only the good stuff. I couldnt find a homemade icecream recipe that would be satisfying and healthy of course but this is by far the best I have ever made!
    I am not on paleo diet but my cooking is based on very similar principles and I think it’s the best approach.
    Thank you

  3. Cynthia says

    This recipe sounds really great! Too bad my blender gave up the ghost after 17 LOYAL years a few days ago. :( Once I get my new one, I’ll have to break it in with this recipe!! Can’t wait to try it!!!

  4. Lisa Costello says

    I have made this recipe twice. It was delicious. I have to get more bananas to make it again. I’m getting a craving. Thanks for the recipe.
    Lisa Costello

  5. Ann says

    I couldn’t get it done today, but hopefully tomorrow. It’s all ready to go but other things got in the way.

    One thing about the banana ice cream is that even though there’s no added sugar, people need to remember bananas are very high in sugar. Those who are insulin resistant need to be very cautious about consuming too much fructose.

  6. Ann says

    I’ll be fixing this today ( between gardening chores 😉 I make several ice cream flavors with the coconut milk and bananas, and did do one butter pecan type, but this sounds great with caramelizing the bananas. I know my dear husband will be thrilled. Thanks!

    • says

      You could use a non-dairy or vegan butter, your local health food store should have them. Do keep in mind that it may not brown the same as a regular butter.

  7. Amy Warren says

    This says serve straight away but is it ok to keep it in the freezer and just scoop out like regular ice cream?

    • says

      The ice cream has the best texture if served right away with it’s soft serve consistency. You can keep it frozen, but it will be difficult to scoop out when solid. Let it sit on the counter for awhile before trying to scoop. You could also avoid the hard freeze by making the ice cream in an ice cream maker.

  8. says

    This looks incredible, thanks for sharing! I might have to make this for myself for Mother’s Day…I even have everything I need! :)

  9. says

    Rebecca, this ice cream looks seriously amazing and I’m in love with the flavors! I totally have to try this! Thank you so much for sharing at Best of the Weekend and pinning. Hope you’re having a wonderful week!

    • says

      You could, but it would freeze pretty hard and have a bit of an icy quality. To avoid this, you could make it in an ice cream maker, if you have one. If not, let it sit out on the counter for awhile to soften a bit before scooping.

  10. Rachel Kathyg @ onlinesisterhood says

    This looks so amazing. Trying soon. pinned. found at showstopper sat. Have a great weekend.

    • says

      You could definitely use an ice cream maker! If you were to use an ice cream maker you would not need to freeze the bananas before hand. Just caramelize the bananas, throw everything in the blender and then follow the directions according to your ice cream maker =)

  11. dax says

    Just tried this and it was definitely very good, but perhaps it might be even better if I were to brown ALL of the bananas instead of half of them? That really seems to bring out the banana flavor. Thoughts?

    • says

      You can brown all of the bananas if you like, but the consistency will not be quite as creamy and a bit more ‘icy’. The bananas that are not caramelized keep the ice cream creamy as well as keeping it substantial.


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