15 Gluten-Free Cinnamon Rolls Recipes

15 Gluten-Free Cinnamon Rolls Recipes

I am on the search for the BEST gluten free cinnamon roll recipe. There are so, so many  recipes out there that it can be overwhelming at times to find the perfect one.  In my opinion, a perfect cinnamon roll is not too dry, but not too soggy. I don’t particularly enjoy cinnamon rolls that have too much butter, sugar, or cinnamon, but it definitely can’t have too little. I prefer a cream cheese frosting, but I have found that I enjoy some types of frosting made with powdered sugar (if they are done right).  Do you see my problem here? Maybe I am too picky, but once I find the recipe that is perfect for me I will be one happy gal.

There is only one real way to find out which recipe is my favorite and that is to try all of them (no complaining here).  I have found the top 15 gluten free cinnamon rolls recipes that speak to me only from looking at the ingredients/pictures.  If you know of any other great cinnamon roll recipes that you’d like to recommend, link them below and let me know why you think your recipe is the best. I will let you know once I have found my favorite recipe. Until then, I hope you can find your favorite from this list. :)

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  1. Sarah Lydia Policastro says

    This post was EXACTLY what I was looking for! But how do I choose which recipe to try first? They all look so good!

  2. Fiona B says

    I signed in just to say thanks for this list, and that I just baked the Cinnabon imitation recipe and it turned out great!! They are just like the gluten version and really delicious. I didn’t have the right flour mix so I substituted a regular off the shelf GF flour (mainly a mix of rice flour and potato starch) then was able to add the 34g of tapioca starch and texture wise it worked out just fine.

    As for the rolling out, a kind person in the comments on that site suggested using oiled baking paper instead of plastic wrap and it worked a treat.

    Thanks very much!

  3. says

    I am going to try the Cinnabon gluten-free rolls. I have been making Pillsbury cinnamon rolls for my husband lately and it’s been killing me! I am on a hunt for a really good gluten-free recipe. So glad that I found this! Thanks!

  4. Laura says

    Did you ever find a favourite?
    I made #5 today, substituting tapioca for potato starch/flour. Even though I reduced the sugar, they were tooth-achingly sweet and didn’t rise. (I proofed the yeast – it was fine.) The dough was very dense and greasy. I’m grateful I made 1/2 batch and have a little one will love them no matter what.

  5. Sarah says

    YUM! My son with Celiac asked for cinnamon rolls for breakfast tomorrow and that’s one thing I haven’t found a recipe for yet… this is great, thanks!

  6. S. Harris says

    #5 is definitly the way to go! I’ve tried at least 5 of the other ones and #5 (the cinnabon copycat) is by far the best. They are best the day you make them but will last a couple of days on the counter too. Don’t refrigerate (it dries them out). They are MESSY and really hard/frustrating to roll/cut (especially he first time you make them) but SO worth the hassle!!! I use white rice flour instead of the brown called for in the recipe. Use the highest quality cinnamon you can get…. it makes a bigger difference than one might think!

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