15 Paleo Pizza Recipes

15 Paleo Pizza Recipes

My husband and I like to make homemade pizza often.  Lately we have been trying a lot of different recipes including ones that are gluten free and paleo.  However, the recipe that we use most often is an artisan bread crust, but since it isn’t the most healthy we decided to find some more gluten free and paleo recipes that we could try and hopefully incorporate into our monthly rotation. Below is a list of 15 pizza recipes that I found that my husband and I are going to try within the next few months. There is a pretty good variety of crusts including a cauliflower crust, hamburger crust, eggplant crust, bacon crust, and almond flour crust. We have tried a cauliflower pizza crust before (none of the ones on this list) and we were both surprised on how much we liked it, which makes us excited to try some more paleo pizza recipes. If you know of any other great paleo pizza recipes, please link below! We can never have too many pizza recipes, right? I hope that you will enjoy some of these recipes as well.

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    I’m just starting to cut out all processed foods and grains from our family’s diet. It hasn’t been easy, but I think these recipes will help out. Thanks for your website.


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