50 Paleo Cookies Recipes Galore!

 50 paleo cookies recipes

Yes, you read it right… 50 Paleo cookies recipes! That’s a lot – and they all look so delicious! They are all so different too. I can’t believe how many different Paleo cookie recipes there are. I think this is a great list. You’ll have to check it out. Note sure if chocolate is Paleo?  Read our “Is Chocolate Paleo?” article to help you decide.

Let’s have a little scavenger hunt… Can you find the recipe with peaches in it? How about the recipe with plantains or lemon or pumpkin? How many recipes are there with dates in them? How many recipes are there with chocolate or coconut in them? Can you find the Girl Scout knock-off recipes? Can you find the Paleo Oreo recipe and the gingerbread man recipes? I hope you like this post – it was fun to make. Have fun baking or NOT baking! There are some no-bake cookie recipes too :).

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    OH YEAH! I’m crazy excited about some of these recipes. My kids and I are sweet fanatics so I’m always looking for recipes that follow our mostly paleo diet.


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