25 Paleo Valentine’s Day Desserts Recipes

25 Paleo Valentine's Day Desserts Recipes

When celebrating holidays it can be tricky to find good food that still fits your lifestyle and health needs. I went on a search for the best and most creative Paleo Valentine’s Day recipes to share. Note sure if chocolate is Paleo?  Read our “Is Chocolate Paleo?” article to help you decide.  I hope you guys enjoy my list and are able to enjoy the holiday without having to skip out on festivities or verge away from the Paleo lifestyle for the holiday.

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    • says

      It is on there because I’ve heard that up to half of Paleo eaters do dairy. I personally can tolerate butter just fine, especially grass-fed butter and ghee but I don’t do cream. Coconut milk or coconut cream can sometimes be a good substitute for cream.

  1. Jackie says

    I teach first grade so I’m thinking of doing a paleo cookie for their Valentine’s Day Party! I hope they turn out and the kids can’t even tell!

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