50 of the Best Quinoa Breakfast Recipes

50 of the Best Quinoa Breakfast Recipes

Think it’s hard to have a healthy breakfast?  Think again – with these 50 of the best quinoa breakfast recipes you can have a delicious, healthy meal in no time! Lately I have been incorporating more and more Quinoa into my daily meals, but for the most part I have been only trying dinner recipes. I hadn’t thought much about using Quinoa for breakfast foods until I came upon a recipe on Pinterest, and actually made it unlike many, many other recipes I have pinned but have never made, and I loved it. Since then I have been on a quest to find a variety of good Quinoa breakfast recipes that I could try and put in my monthly menu rotation. Below is a list of the top 50 recipes that I have found that I have either tried or want to try in the future. Please, please go and try at least one of these amazing recipes. Remember breakfast is the most important meal of the day and since Quinoa is full of protein, fiber, calcium, etc. it is a great way to start your day off right.

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  1. Sally says

    Some of these are some awesome-looking recipes! I really wanna try the quinoa blueberry oatmeal breakfast bars!!! Thanks =)!

  2. Doreen says

    Just finished a delicious bowl of quinoa for breakfast! Thanks for the ideas…what a great way to use up some leftovers.

  3. Laura says

    Hey, I tried the carrot bread…didn’t turn out so great:
    My biggest complaint is this should’ve been in two pans. The 9×5 was brim full before I baked it. It took at least 70 mins and the instead could’ve used longer…some of the quinoa was still a little crunchy in the middle.
    What was your experience with this one?

  4. Lyndsey W. says

    I am in heaven. I see so many recipes that are only salad or “oatmeal” related when it comes to quinoa. Thanks for all the ideas!

    • says

      You’re welcome! My favorite quinoa breakfast that I eat several times a week is just quinoa flakes cooked up like oatmeal with Real Salt in it. I’m planning on posting it soon if I ever get around to being ambitious enough to take a picture of it. . .

  5. Marcia Lee says

    I love your Quinoa recipes. We have been eating it for dinner, but I can’t wait to eat it for breakfast. This is right up my alley. Thank you!


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