The Ultimate Paleo Breakfast Recipes List

The Ultimate Paleo Breakfast Recipes List When I was first introduced to what a Paleo diet was and decided to try some Paleo breakfast recipes, I thought I would be only eating eggs with fruit every morning. I decided to do some research and was pleasantly surprised to find 205 Paleo breakfast recipes that looked good, easy to make, healthy and didn’t have a huge list of ingredients. Although, a suggestion to you that is often overlooked for a fantastic Paleo breakfast is leftovers. Yep. Make a little extra dinner and enjoy it the next day.

I know this doesn’t always work though so that’s why I found all these recipes. This list is organized a little differently than my other recipe lists because it’s so large of a list, I decided to break it up in to several smaller lists. At the top of the post are a few of my original Paleo breakfast recipes. Just click on the image to get the recipe. Then below that are several other lists of recipes to help you narrow it down to what you are looking for. Just click on the image and you will go to a list of images. Click on those images and you’ll go right to the original recipe. There are Paleo cereal recipes, Paleo muffin recipes, granola bars, pancakes, cookies, smoothies and more. There are recipes you can make ahead of time and grab that morning on your way out the door or my involved recipes you may want to save for a Saturday or Sunday.

One of my favorite Paleo recipes are muffins. I like to make those up one day when I have a little more time and then eat the leftovers the next few mornings. The Paleo flours, like coconut flour and almond flour combined with eggs make a very filling muffin that will keep you satisfied until lunch. Oh, another thing I want to add is that a lot of Paleo eaters overlook vegetables. I think it’s really important to have at least one vegetable with every meal and breakfast is no exception. A lot of these recipes have vegetables, which are wonderful for variety and to help with your gut health. I hope this list will be helpful to a few others as you try to find some new, go-to Paleo breakfast recipes. What’s your favorite Paleo breakfast recipe?

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1. Paleo Biscuits Recipe

Paleo Biscuits Recipe

2. Paleo Pancakes Recipe

Paleo Pancakes Recipe

3. Paleo Egg Muffins Recipe

Paleo Egg Muffins

4. Multi Colored Scrambled Eggs Skillet with Vegetables Recipe

Multi Colored Scrambled Eggs Skillet with Vegetables Recipe

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  1. Emma P says

    I am always looking for a good pancake and cinnamon roll recipe and this is so much more! I am so looking forward to going through each and every recipe in this post :)

  2. says

    Thanks for sharing the Donut recipe! Just so you know – the donuts are not vegan but the frosting is. The donuts are “paleo” though. Obviously, not for the strict paleo peeps but good for a special occasion. :)

  3. says

    Words cannot describe how in love I am with this list. I am drooling so much right now! I need to clean up the mess before I get to the store to buy some of these ingredients! 😉

  4. katie says

    I noticed that a lot of these recipes have things that aren’t actually paleo, according to loren cordain, in them…like ghee, grass fed butter, and sweet potatoes. Are there any substitutions that actually are paleo for the ghee and butter in these recipes? thanks!

  5. lisa m. says

    Good Food is the Best Medicine =) Looking good, feeling good start with what we put into our mouths. With recipes from “My Natural Family” it certainly gives a good start !!!!

  6. says

    Everything looks so delicious + inspiring! Must make that frittata for a simple dinner tonight! As a mom to two small babies, I value any time-saving recipes. My husband and I started a paleo-friendly cereal line: Check us out! :-) Cheers to our health!

  7. Glen says

    Why do US paleos work so hard to turn paleo food into a facscimile of the really unhealthy food they are trying to avoid eating?

    “Pancakes” “Muffins” “Crepes” “Waffles”? Urban Americans are funny people!

    In Australia it would be steak, eggs, mushrooms!!

  8. Elizabeth says

    Just letting you know apropos the chestnut crepes that although chestnuts may be paleo (they’re tree nuts, although they are not particularly pleasant to eat raw), they’re also comprised of over 75% carbohydrates and have carb. content comparable to rice and wheat, so those attempting to do keto, LC or similar should avoid them.

    Other than that, recipes look great.

  9. Susan says

    The recipe for Paleo Coconut Flour “Oatmeal” does not bring you to the correct link. Thanks for these recipes always looking for something new for breakfast.

  10. says

    I was so excited about your website, and these links. Both daughters have multiple food sensitivities, however, what was hard was finding a recipe that didn’t have eggs as my daughters both showed up sensitive to these things. Yes, I have made the flax seed meal egg replacer, but some of these the egg is being used for the texture and consistency of eggs, not just to hold things together, which is more the purpose of the flax seed goo.

    • says

      Yes, I know it’s hard without eggs. I was allergic to them for a year or two and it was NOT fun. Make sure to follow our blog because I have some other egg free recipes in the works.

  11. Christina Miller says

    Thank you for sharing your paleo recipes. I’m new and still trying to figure this out… and I’m getting tired of boiled eggs for breakfast.

    • says

      You’re welcome! Breakfast is really hard. I know a lot of Paleo people I’ve talked to just end up eating leftovers for breakfast and forgetting what tradition says is breakfast food.

  12. Cynthia says

    New to paleo and ready to eat healthy. My son, daughter in law and I are off and running. I do grow a garden so the indoor gardening system and heirloom seeds will be well used.

  13. Traci says

    I would invest my winnings in an indoor gardening system & heirloom seeds, and produce my own fruits, veggie’s and herbs.


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