Healthy, Low Calorie Snacks – 100 Calorie Snack Ideas

Think it’s hard to find good snack foods that don’t have too many calories?  We have some ideas for good, healthy, low calorie snacks and food that you won’t regret eating.

Confession: When I get hungry, I just grab whatever looks good and eat it. I don’t do a lot of thinking about what I eat because I am either too busy or I am just eating the cold chicken nuggets left over from my kids lunch. Ew.  I usually don’t have time to think about how many calories I am eating and over the last few weeks I realized how many extra calories I consume just because I am choosing to not be aware. Therefore I compiled this list of 100 calorie healthy food snacks. When I am hungry, I choose something on this list and I feel better about my choice. Here it is in all its glory: (keep in mind these are just snacks that I put on my list because I generally have these around my house.)

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Healthy, Low Calorie Snacks - 100 Calorie Snack Ideas from #healthy #snacks

Healthy, Low Calorie Snacks

Chocolate Milk: 6 oz skim milk with 2 tsp. chocolate
Applesauce: 1 cup unsweetened applesauce
English Muffin or bagel: ½ English muffin or ½ bagel, no butter
Popcorn: 1-½ cups microwaved popcorn or 3 cups
air popped
Pretzels: 8 pretzel twists
Tortilla Chips: 3 chips
Apple Juice: ½ cup 100% apple juice, no sugar added
Banana: 1 medium banana
Cantaloupe: ½ cup sliced
Grapes: 17 medium grapes
Blackberries: 1 cup
Avocado: ¼ of a medium avocado
Blueberries: 1 cup
Kiwi: 2 medium kiwi
Orange: 1 medium orange or 2 little cuties
Strawberries: 1 cup
Carrots: raw about 7 minis or ½ cup cooked
Lettuce: 1 cup with no dressing
Skim milk: 1 cup
Yogurt: ½ cup
Cheeses: ½ oz
Cottage Cheese: ½ cup
String Cheese: 1 oz
Hard Boiled egg: 1 egg
Broccoli: 1 cup
Baked Potato: ½ medium baked, no toppings
Apple: 1 medium apple
Almonds: 13 almonds
Oatmeal Cookie: 1 small cookie is 65 calories
Hummus: 3 Tbsp
Sweet Potato: 1 small baked one is only 55 calories
Pistachios: 25
Granola: 3 tbsp
Watermelon: 2 cups
Peanut Butter: 2 tsp
Dark Chocolate: 3 squares
Do you like how I included chocolate on my list? Come on. Let’s get real. I’m not going to stop eating that. :) Now I can just eat it in more appropriate amounts. 
Happy Eating,