Enter to Win doTERRA Essential Oils!

Enter to Win doTERRA Essential Oils! - Ends 9/18/14

Here at My Natural Family, we love doTERRA Essential Oils and we are excited to give away a 10ml Deep Blue Roll On. Please enter using the form below.

My husband LOVES Deep Blue.  He uses it like how you would use Icy Hot to roll on sore muscles and joints and melt the pain away.  He also loves to use it along with Past Tense for headaches.  How do you use Deep Blue? If you would rather just buy a Deep Blue or learn about my personal incentives for signing up for doTERRA, including $50 in free oils, please read here about Deep Blue and here about the incentives.

Please note that leaving a comment on this page does not count as a giveaway entry but any other page on our site does.

As a thank you for reading this blog post, please enter the giveaway below for a chance to win a free bottle of doTERRA Deep Blue Roll On 10ml. a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Halle says

    super excited for this giveaway! Ive never won a giveaway before! i have terrible leg pains after breaking it, so i am hoping to win some deep blue to help!

  2. Hope Rainwater says

    My Daughter got me into the starting stage of using essential oils n I really like them.
    N I luv going thru ur blog n pintrest pages for all kind of Great Ideas!
    Thanks So Much For Being A GREAT OIL’IN MASTER

  3. Karen Stead says

    I was encouraged and inspired by your story of learning to trust God for everything in life and how He has given you your beautiful family! Thanks for sharing the love with us!!

  4. Kathy says

    Love all the doTerra oils that I’ve tried so far. I have used this oil before but it would be so much easier to apply in the rollerball.

  5. Brenda Pruszynski says

    I am currently using the peppermint oil and love it. Would love to be chosen to try Deep Blue. Love your product and I highly recommend them to my family and friends.

  6. Lauren says

    I just ordered my first DoTerra essential oils and can’t wait to try them! I am a runner and would love the chance to try Deep Blue to try on my sore muscles! Love our blog and your very informative posts!

  7. LausDeoIampaidfor says

    I would like to try DoTerra DeepBlue. My Dad would benefit from using DeepBlue as he has had problems with terrible headaches and a few other more mild, but ongoing issues with pain. If I win DeepBlue I would give it to my Dad.

  8. Marcene says

    Love to have the privilege of trying Deep Blue. I’m sure it would probably help my knitting by keeping my hands pain free!

  9. Kristie G says

    I have never tried essential oils and have been doing some research on it for the best ones to use. I would love to be able to try this!!! It is very interesting on how many things these oils can do. I love reading your tidbits that I get from you. Thanks!

  10. Cathy R. says

    I haven’t tried any essential oils as of yet, and this would be a super one to start with. I’d give it to my husband for his arthritic shoulders and back.

  11. says

    I am so wanting to try essential oils and lead a more holistic and natural lifestyle. My son has a hard time transitioning between his fathers home and ours and I would love to try oils to help his transitioning. Of course for all the other amazing reasons as well but that has been on my heart to fit it into my budget somehow. DoTerra has stuck out to me the most. This would be an amazing blessing. Thanks for the opportunity!

  12. says

    I absolutely love the deep blue line! I’ve used the oil and the rub, but have yet to try the convenience of a roll on. I think it would be so convenient, and more portable than the rub! Thanks for the opportunity! Would love to win because with the pain I experience, I sure do go through a lot of deep blue! lol :) Happy Holidays!

  13. Alicia says

    i’d LOVE to try this roll on! We love the deep blue oil but haven’t tried this one before… I would use it for my headaches!

  14. Sarah Auzina says

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway! I hope I win, I have multiple muscle problems and my wife just broke her foot, so we could use all the help we can get! Have a nice weekend!

  15. Marissa says

    I would love to win some Deep Blue roll on! My best friend has Fibro. It would be amazing if this could work wonders for her. I would be so happy to help her get some pain relief.

  16. Beth says

    would LOVE to win the deep blue. it would help my family out so much – we just haven’t been able to afford that one yet! i’ve tried a sample of it and love it – my husband would like it for his back too! thanks for the chance!

  17. says

    My husband has been dealing with painful sciatica for 3 weeks now. Chiropractic visits, massages….these all help a little but he continues to have pain throughout the day and night. He also has two bone spurs on his spine…wondering if Deep Blue would help?

  18. Jenn S says

    Here for the giveaway! Lol. I only have minimal experience with essential oils and would love to give deep blue a try on my hubby as he has chronic back and joint pain and have heard this could benefit. :)

  19. Kelly R. says

    Just discovering your website. Love it so far. I have been reading up recently on essential oils and have heard many positive things. Would love the opportunity to test out one of the oils before making the big purchase. Thanks for offering this giveaway :)

  20. Kim says

    I would love the chance to win a roll-on of deep blue because I’ve tried my friends and I know it works but have yet to order things for myself.

  21. Nikki Roberts says

    I have fibromyalgia.I need this sooo bad, it helps soothe my muscles do much.I just can’t afford the bottle! So please god let me win for the first time in my life!!!!!! ♡♡♡♡

    • Catherine Goss says

      I hope you win. Though I entered it sounds like you really need it. I too suffer from chronic pain, but have a 5ml vial of Deep Blue. It is a wonderful product- works almost instantly! And with my RA I swear that it has slowed the damage to my hand joints. The redness and swelling is all but totally gone after 5 minutes. So aloha and I hope you’re the “one.”

  22. Carli says

    Thanks so much for all of the different giveaways that you are doing! I love reading everything on your blog!

  23. Sonja says

    I just started babysitting for a lady who sells doterra and I got a chance to smell some of the oils she has. best thing is that the deep blue is literally the best smelling mix of essential oils i have smelt!

  24. Stacy Stauffer says

    Thank you so much for the chance to win! I adore this oil, but it is on the pricey side so it is not a luxury I can afford right now.

  25. BOBBI says

    This is really interesting….I have been using tea tree oil to treat toe nail fungus and oregano oil for other things. I haven’t tried this but would love to see how good it works. I have a lot of muscle pain so this would be a good trial.

  26. Vanessa says

    Thank you for sharing your experiences and passion for essential oils with us. I lost count of the number of times I’ve come back to your blog when I had questions on all things essential oil related. doTerra has really set the bar high with its quality and wealth of information.

    Thank you!

  27. Stacy Stauffer says

    I would love to win this! I have some doTerra oils and I absolutely adore the ones I have! Thanks for this opportunity to win!

  28. Nellie says

    I love doTERRA oils and your website is great! I love all your natural remedies and DIY recipes!

  29. glee says

    My whole family loves Deep Blue. Wouldn’t be w/o it!! From my mason son & husbands back/muscle aches to my arthritis and knee pain, it’s the Bomb!!

  30. Lisa says

    I am currently trying to convince my husband they really do work. I have been using a sample of the allergy bomb for 2 days now and it works for me!

  31. Cassondra says

    I have been wanting to try Deep Blue because I have joint and muscle pain 24/7! Thank you for this opportunity to win(:

  32. Jakaira says

    My kids are addict to lavender. They say that they would have night mares if they don’t get it at night before they go to bed..

  33. Ivy says

    I would love to try this. I have been thinking about trying DoTerra for a while, I just haven’t had the courage to bite the bullet and go for it!

  34. Nadiya says

    I’ve tried past tense and it is quite soothing. What I like to use it for is sore and stiff joints/muscles. I particularly love using it on my neck after a stressful day. It definitely helps relieve tension. Deep Blue is an oil I have yet to try. I believe I’d find it just as fantastic as the other oils that I have tried. I am still a complete novice with essential oils.

  35. Geri Zagorianos says

    Thank you for giving us crunchy moms a great blog to follow, with opportunities to try new products on our families!

  36. Mary says

    Thank you for having an awesome website with great info! I have been getting into essential oils and they are truly changing my life for the better. I’m excited to try DeepBlue! I looked into making the “homemade” version of icy hot with the deep blue and coconut oil–have you tried that previously?


  37. says

    No kidding. It’s expensive. Have you tried the rub? It doesn’t cost as much and it goes a lot further, although it’s not as strong since it’s diluted in the lotion.

  38. Joyce says

    She also gave me some samples of the Deep Blue Cream but it doesn’t seem to help as well. As you said, it is because its diluted.

  39. says

    I love Essential Oils! Deep blue has been wonderful for my husband’s aches and pains after a long day of work! It’s a bit pricey so I would love to not have to pay for it!

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